Saturday, August 7, 2010

MIXING THE ALBUM and Stubby the Hangover Cat

good evenings.

i am comfy on the olive green couch in the condo of Chris Dobbs, fantastic audio engineer, in Indianapolis. zombied-out after a long day of mixing...

what are you doing? why are you mixing? aren't the tracks already mixed? what is mixing? who is stubby the hangover cat? are some questions you might have.

just in case, cause hey i didn't know til i spent lots of time in a studio, mixing is where we take all the bagillion tracks we recorded for a song (vocals, guitars, each individual part of a drum set...) and put them together in one huge session, screw with how everything sounds, make it all fit together, make sure everything has room to breathe. recording is one thing, but mixing is where a record becomes a record. others may argue.

this weekend marks the final stretch of "i want! i want!". tracks like anna sun, the liftaway, quesadilla have been tossed around at shows for about a year now but we are finally going to be releasing a full-length disc... hopefully October (though the tracks will be done in the next couple weeks!!). it's been a long haul with so many obstacles... ask me and i'll tell you sometime... but it will at long last be out in the world for you and for us and for all very, very soon.

we're doing some re-mixing because we want you to get the same feeling from listening to the music on the record that you do hearing it live. you may have noticed our live thing develop some over the last twelve months... so we're updating a little.

and lastly... Chris' wife Erica has had the same cat for the last 17 years. her name is Stubby, she has no tail, she sits very still like a tiny gargoyle, and she sleeps in a way... for instance, in a way that i might after a night of heavy drinking...

or after 17 years of heavy being-a-tail-less-cat.

kness. face down. floor. Stubby.