Monday, March 23, 2009

Gigs, gigs, gigs, pimps pimps pimps!

Hey pimps and pimpettes.

It's czar Nicholas the Lerangis. I'm just throwing some show dates at y'all. We're going to be playing Battle of the Bands at Kenyon on Friday, March 27th at around 8. The Battle winners win glory, riches and fame, so we've gotta get on that. I love glory, mostly, but mom and dad want to hear that I'm getting riches playing in my rock band. But I digress. Come see us, and vote for us! We're loud! I dance like an idiot, and Adrian has white drums!

But seriously folks, we've given quite our music a bit of a disco-influenced shot in the arm and we're excited to get it out there.

Dates 2 and 3. We have two dates next week, April 1st and 5th, at Ohio Wesleyan University. We'll be playing on the first at a bar called the Backstretch, doing one set for the senior class at 9:30, then waiting until 11 and doing a set for the General Public! The bar opens at 11 to everyone else, so if you wanna come to OWU, you can get directions here: cool! Our other gig is a big ol' shindig called Slice of College life, which is a big deal for the incoming class at Ohio Wesleyan. We'll be at their big open air ampitheatre, and I'm sure anyone can come and mingle with the admitted students.

Again, we've put up a new B-sides album on iTunes, and we've got stuff to sell, stuff for you to watch and read at our new RAD website,

keep listening, keep reading, i love you all madly.

Also: a bit of recommended listening:
--Us, obviously. (shameless self-promotion!)
--Sun Kil Moon, Ghosts of the Great Highway
--Bon Iver, Blood Bank EP
--Miles Davis, Kind of Blue
--Kurt Elling, Man in the Air
--Lil Wayne, Tha Carter III


Nick L

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cool dude.

Yo this past week was a whopper for the new Walk the Moon. The boys and I spent countless hours (running on little sleep) taking old songs of ours and revamping them, making sure our new band arrangements reflect not only what is appropriate for the sound and direction we want, but also what serves the song the best, and gets the message across. Among the songs we revamped are "La La Metropolitan" and "2012, or Set the TV on Fire" (which may have a new title soon), both available to listen on our address.

After a week of crazy hard work we had two gigs - live on ICN cable in Northern KY and a show at the Mad Frog in Clifton. TV was crazy - we'd never played live on air before, and it was nerve-wracking and awesome. Nick P. and I were interviewed by Nancy, the host, and then we played two short sets. The first was "Iscariot", a new mostly-vocal song into "Red Light, or Theme and Variations on a Dance Floor". The second was a newer song called "Throw Me the Line". Afterward we taped videos of "Stone Cold Fox" and "The Dam is About to Break". Some of those videos will be posted on our websites soon.

Friday night we played the Mad Frog and we felt it was our best show ever. Apparently the new sound and songs reminded people of some kind of mix of early Radiohead, funk music, and TV on the Radio. We saw a lot of new faces out there and we debuted a hell of a lot of music. Our setlist was something along the lines of:

La La Metropolitan
Stone Cold Fox
The Lift Away
The Dam is About to Break
Throw Me the Line
House Burning Down
Set the TV on Fire
Red Light, or Theme and Variations on a Dance Floor

Set the TV on Fire (the new version of 2012) is our new favorite song to play, and in it we borrowed a musical element from Animal Collective's song "My Girls". Did you catch it? If you don't know the AC song, check out the whole album, and if you didn't see us on Friday, check us out soon.



P.S. - Nick L. and Adrian both got their first tickets this week within one 24-hour period, each in Adrian's car. Cool dude.