Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hey everyone,
Just saying hi from Asheville, NC. Asheville is such a dope town. Im going to see the Avett Brothers on new years eve and am SOOOOO PPSYYCHED to see them...if you don't know who they are...look em up. My favorite album is Emotionalism probably so get it somehow. steel it, or buy it, or...idk try to think about it real hard and maybe just maybe it will apparate into existance and then you will be able to listen whenever you want!! well on a completely different note...check this out ha.

CHAD VADER SEASON 2 DVD IS OUT! Take a look: Chad's on Twitter Chad Vader returns from the Dentist feeling very similar to David. ...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

should baby wigs be allowed?

look deep, deep, deep inside your heart, and ask yourself.

also, this saturday in Cincinnati, check out our friends Kelly Fine and Molly Sullivan at Rohs Street Cafe in Clifton, 9pm.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

we heart you, indianapolis

we had a wonderful time with some wonderful pimps in Indianapolis last night. played at the Earth House, a re-everythinged-old-church-turned-coffee-establishment-radass-venue. the moody, wallflowers-esque Adrian Kolbo preceeded us and was really refreshingly good. there was a bit of a mishap with Nick L getting to Indy, so we stalled as long as we could; finally he joined us for the last couple songs, including our special Christmas number which we plan to post on youtube =) ....

...but not before this photo was taken!

anyhow check out the Earth House Collective, a rad non-profit organization based in Indy. it was great to meet all of you fine people - hope to be back soon! and a special thanks to our new promoter KGC and to Gavin, the big man.

love and poodles. happy december 13th!

Nick P

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My herr is short!

I just thought I'd announce it to all the blogopeeps. I haven't had short hair since junior (kimbro) year of high school, which is about 6 years ago. dag. my hair now almost exactly looks like dis:

except I look twice as manly.

suck it, matt!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gigs, or, Jigs, with Walk the Moon

Hey everyone,

It's Nick el L poasting some stuff at you all. We had a really great gig in Columbus at Oldfields on High St., mainly because some dope-ass fools came from all over. We had a Dayton contingent, a Lee Schott contingent, more OWU people, some extra Nicks, and people I had never met, but have met now.

I'm at my old house in the Mt. Auburn/Corryville area of Cincinnati, eating some rice with sauteed garlic, onions, and bananas for breakfast. I'm cut from working at the zoo today, so I am looking at a day of Getting Things Figured Out.

This weekend, I got the Tao of Pooh into the hands of many young folks at Kenyon College, and now my copy is in Someone's Car (I believe Diana's). I recommend it for EVERYONE, especially those of you who I know to be true Bisy Backsons.

I spent much of the night singing this nice little line in my head, and I'm convinced it's from Veckatimest, so I'm listening to the whole album now to find it.

ALSO holler at Neko Case for her 2 GRAMMY NOMINATIONS (for Middle Cyclone as Best Contemporary Folk Album, and for best packaging/art)



Monday, December 7, 2009

holy effing poop!! holy effing effing poop!

ok so i was watching the news the other night con mi familia when they started talking about some orangutan who takes awesome photos. in actuality he just knows that when he presses the button he gets some awesome tasty fruit. big effin deal.

this elephant draws self-mothereffing-portraits.

does no one else think this is FREAKIN ABSURRRD??"?!SEOIWF

google "elephant self portrait" and you'll see a bunch of elephant self-portraits. elephants draw self-portraits did you know that?

so there is skepticism on the issue, naturally, as to whether this is a hoax, etc. etc. etc. according to the debunker of debunkers, it is -not-. apparently they trained the elephants to do this stuff... even still they're painting better than most humans i know can paint. holy poop poops.

there is also research going on that suggests elephants may also have DIALECTS. a language of their own that is below the range of human hearing. uh.

anyway. elephants are menace. 'menace' is like 'fetch'. oh, it'll catch on.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pit of passion

I heard this for the first time in a while over thanksgiving break and remembered how freaking awesome it is. Checkit


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Part 1: Mom's Bird Shack? or, the Odyssey, or "how?": of a translation quiz in seven parts.

Ok fokes, this blog poast is a long thyme coming.
It's about something cool.

Which means that it's about Adam and my ride from Chin-chin-nangti, Ohio, to New Jork City, New Jork.  It was a while ago, en route to our hornswoggling sho at r-Lean's Grocery.  By the way, my bank thinks that my $28 bar tab at Arlene's was a "grocery" expense.  HAHAHA.  
So, Adam and I arose really early on Frydee the 6th and got in my new old gold nissan and Headed North.  

North, we found a young woman named Jezziguh Con.  She took us on a trip to find grub at this mediterranean place where we had heat mummus, which is this ancient Cyprian recipe for mashed chickpea and lamb.  I had a delicious thing, and so did Adam.  At any rate, we headed East from North once we were able to tear ourselves from the enticing cave of the ancient witch -mistress, Jezziguh.  

It took a really long time going East because we had to ride through the devilish pus-bogs of Penn's Forest, where Adam exclaimed "oh my god, this is epic as F**q."  While riding our coach through the Forest it came time to sup.

We decided to stop at the most "local" place we could find.  No Subway, no McDonalds, no Friendly's, not even a Quaker Steak and Lube.  On the way to camp, Maxwell died of the typhus. Finally we halted our train at the homestead of Danville.  We looped in on the exit ramp and saw a glowing beacon dangling from the side of an advertizing tower that had obviously not been fixed or re-thought since about 1951.   The beacon glowed "MOM'S DUTCH KITCHEN," not to be comfused with "Dutch Pantry" which is a hated chain, rather than a fresh, hard-working, Joe-the-Plumber, family-owned-and-oriented American food place.  

We thought it was closed at first because unlike many chains, it didn't have bright lanterns in the windows, or a loud town crier standing outside shouting its virtues.  We thought it would be a wonderful place to take our evening sustenance.  We sat down and the lovely, plump, stewardess took our order: one appetizer sampler and one beef burger.  The food was delicious, and full of nutrition.  We finished our grub and headed on our merry way.

Well,  That's all for part one.

BONUS POINTS:  translate this piece in its entirety, to correct English, 1 point.  translate it in2 what I actually meant, 2 points.

hey, everyone!

Nick Lerangis

we're in the studio puttin some traxxxxxxxxx down.

Monday, November 23, 2009

What is Adam Reifsnyder?

1) a huge poop
2) a big ol' kindey
3) a ziploc bag full of fart
4) a comic genius.

Butternut squash, my eye!

Captain Blogopeeps!

I have absolutely nothing to say in this blog post. Nothing at all. Definitely DON'T READ ON. There will be nothing interesting at all down at the bottom of this post. It in now way will it change your life in dramatic ways when you read the bottom of this post. I promise you there is nothing good down below. Don't scroll. Up or down. Don't do anything. You should probably not move, actually.

Butternut Squash.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


IF anyone is mad about "I'll be back" not making it onto the below video, here's an option for blowing off some steam. The ASPCA will be down my back soon for posting this because I am a high-profile star, but here it is anyway. Humor to the people.

"I'll be back" didn't make it?


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Smokin' Barrels

I can't stop playing this game, even though it's not that great and I can beat the whole thing in like half an hour.

Smokin Barrels

Enjoy this time waster!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Up on a soapbox!

Hey, blogopeeps.

I don’t usually use this blog as a soapbox, but due to various factors that may or may not be beyond my control, I feel compelled to write this today. I am not usually a very politically driven man, but after viewing “By the People: The Election of Barack Obama,” I find that my passion for my party, my president, and my country has been re-energized.
Our current president is a reason to be thankful, and here is why: The world now takes the U.S. seriously again. Whether you believe in his ability, his politics, or his character, I challenge you to deny the fact that he is a figure that the world as a whole respects. Obama may not be the godsend or the Christ-figure that some chalked him up to be during his campaign, but nevertheless he is a symbol of strength for America. We are a nation that has elected a man, whom fifty years ago could not vote, to be our president. We are a nation that has given hope to millions. We are a nation that is under the watchful eye of every other nation in the world, and we have elected a leader who has risen quickly from nothing, showing the true power, strength, and potential of our government.
I wish that our nation could get around the issue of race, I truly do. But there is no denying that the fact that our president is of African descent is a momentous thing and I feel I must address it. Our nation’s diversity is a thing of beauty. When I was in elementary school I was assigned to do a report on Colin Powell. I remember my mother told me as I was researching Mr. Powell (in our World Book Encyclopedia) that he had the potential to be our first African American president. Even as a young child, I found this prospect to be astonishing. I had had this strange fascination with Harriet Tubman a few years prior and I knew all about our nation’s history of slavery. I craved a black president. I finished my project on Colin Powell with enthusiasm and was overjoyed with the thought that there might be a black president in my lifetime. My twenty-four-year-old self is just as giddy inside, if not more. Our nation has come so far in just the years of my short lifetime.
While I mentioned before that I am not always up on current political events, whenever I catch an article or a news blurb about what Obama is doing, I feel our country is headed in the right direction. Just last night I watched a speech and open talk he gave in front of a few hundred Shaghai college students during his tour of Asia which has focused on peaceful relations between our countries, working together for a greener planet, the world climate control summit in Copenhagen and increased trade between our nations. The Norwegian Parliament declared Obama as the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize winner and Obama claimed it was a call to everyone to work for peace, and he was just setting an example. Obama is working on closing down Guantanamo Bay Prison which is an important step, and has introduced a clean energy bill which will create jobs and stimulate the U.S.’s economy, on top of its obvious benefits for the environment. I feel safe knowing that Obama is working toward making our nation, and the world, a better place to live.
Obama began his campaign with the slogan “Change We Can Believe In”. I think this early motto is accurate, but over the course of his months-long journey to the presidency, he stumbled upon a new slogan: “Yes We Can” (Say the words out loud to yourself. Say them again. Do you feel that?). These three words spoke to so many Americans and gave them hope for a better tomorrow. We are not alone in our hope for the future. People began to realize that by voting for a man who stood for such a unity of spirit and positive belief in our future, they were making history. And the joy of supporting such a man was infectious.
I had the unique experience of viewing the 2008 presidential election from Macao, a special administrative region of China, with a handful of liberal young American Fulbright scholarship winners and a classroom full of Chinese university students. I got to speak with a number of Chinese students in the weeks before and after the election and in my brief conversations I very quickly realized how much of a joke the U.S. had been under the Bush administration. Other nations of the world perceived us to be stupid because W. was well…what he was. At the very least he was a horrible orator, showing the world that we elected someone who appeared on TV to be an idiot, which in turn made us look like a nation of idiots (especially after his re-election in '04). But the Chinese students I spoke with were all excited about Obama and what he stood for, and that gave me renewed confidence in our nation.
Obama’s election speech was the clincher for me, but it was not just the words he spoke; It was how he presented it. While McCain’s election party was a small, exclusive event attended by mostly the wealthy elite, Obama had a large set-up at Chicago’s Grant Park that was open to all. He and his family wore red, signifying a peace with the Republican Party. An estimated 240,000 people attended the event. His speech focused on a united nation, a united world, and the prospect of a future without prejudice or immaturity, partisanship or pettiness.
I personally view this essay/blogpost on president Obama as a failure, as I struggle to find the words to really convey the satisfaction I feel in having this man as our president. All I can say at this point is that I love my country. I have never been able to say this before in my lifetime, and it is with great pride I say it now: I love my country. It is not a country founded on hatred, on vengeance, on selfishness. It is a country that should embrace all cultures, all people, all walks of life. And while I know that there will always be hatred, bias, and bigotry, I know that we as a nation have so much potential. We can rise above our differences and use our opposing points of view as strength, not weakness. We can absolutely live up to our full potential. We can move mountains. We can save the earth. We can reach perfection. Yes, we can.


Presidential Street Fight 2008

Monday, November 16, 2009

love overlooks the unimportant

such as "The Time Machine". love probably didn't even see that movie, it was so unimportant.

in any case, i was just reminded of this amazing thing. go to, click on the art gallery and stare. i stumbled upon this site accidentally once and next thing i had spent an hour just... staring.

some favorites.

while you're there, go to their online store and consider throwing money at them. or find them in the city if you're ever in NYC.

Stunning Angelina Jolie

Friday, November 13, 2009

yea yea yea


been in the studio all week, finishing the new EP 'i want! i want!'. hours upon hours! anyway, while we were in new york last week i got my mind exploded by the Museum of Natural History. became obsessed with antelope, even just how many different species of antelope there are, all with completely different shaped horns. here's a vid:

oh yea, and cheetahs are badass.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

This is one of the best poems ever, from one of the best poets ever.

The Rhythm Method
By Yusef Komunyakaa

If you were sealed inside a box
within a box deep in a forest,
with no birdsongs, no crickets
rubbing legs together, no leaves
letting go of mottled branches,
you'd still hear the rhythm
of your heart. A red tide
of beached fish oscillates in sand,
copulating beneath a full moon,
& we can call this the first
rhythm because sex is what
nudged the tongue awake
& taught the hand to hit
drums & embrace reed flutes
before they were worked
from wood & myth. Up
& down, in & out, the piston
drives a dream home. Water
drips till it sculpts a cup
into a slab of stone.
At first, no bigger
than a thimble, it holds
joy, but grows to measure
the rhythm of loneliness
that melts sugar in tea.
There's a season for snakes
to shed rainbows on the grass,
for locust to chant out of the dunghill.
Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, oh yes
is a confirmation the skin
sings to hands. The Mantra
of spring rain opens the rose
& spider lily into shadow,
& someone plays the bones
till they rise & live
again. We know the whole weight
depends on small silences
we fit outselves into.
High heels at daybreak
is the saddest refrain
If you can see blues
in the ocean, light & dark
can feel worms ease through
a subterranean path
beneath each footstep,
Baby, you got rhythm.

Listen to him read it (it's amazing and hypnotic)

this poem got me through high school--reading it every day was the most action I got for three years.



Monday, November 2, 2009

New song video up!

Here's a crappy quality video of us playing "Quesadilla" (Working title) live at the VI in Gambier a few weeks ago. Its the first time we ever performed it!



Monday, October 26, 2009

New songs

SO there are a handful of people in Gambier, Columbus, and Dayton who have heard these but we have two brand new songs which we are VERY excited about. They are called

I Can Lift a Car
Quesadilla (working title)

The latter has nothing to do with mexican food, but we don't know what to call it.
And since I don't really have anything else to say in this post, enjoy this:

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Don't know what to do.... about my Clog-a-roo!

"Are you blogging about my clog-a-roo?" said my mom.

"No, mom. I'm blogging about last night's DOPE show," I repliethed.

"We're all stars now, in the dope show," added Marilyn Manson.

"I don't wanna keep typing like this," I told Marilyn. He winked at me. LOOOO.

SO! Last night's Dayton show at One Eyed Jack's (NOT Blind Bob's) was cray-cray and tunsafun. LOOOO. Zoh-em. Gee.
Adrian couldn't play the show wif us cuzza his cuzzih was visitih. BUT we jammed out with the drummer of Tanuki who followed our every move for the whole two hours and Charlie Cromer who did not quite follow our every move but was sick nasti. And Jerome was a sweet backup dancer, pitcher player, and bottlist. Fiddlisk. All in all, everyone had an awesome night and we can't wait to play Dayton again.

Now, we will leave you with this gem - It's So Cold in the D by Detroit hip-hop bigshot T-Baby. Cuz when it's cold, how can anyone keep peace?

Much luvv.

Adumn and Nick Ell.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is anyone looking for a party?

All right. Does anyone want to party? Because if so, just pump this jam, by Seattle house big-shot Ebonizeer Goog:
<a href="">Guess What I Found by Ebonizeer Goog</a>

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

oh my god. i was speechless

if you don't know this song already, then you're in for a double-treat. slash a double-religious-experience. keep in mind this is a fan video, i.e. some guy decided to do this just cause he wanted to.

Monday, October 19, 2009

"Unnecessary" Quotes "Blog"

This just made simultaneously me "smile" and "pissed me off" for about 10 "minutes" straight! "Enjoy"


Thursday, October 15, 2009

My mommy's show in Chevy Chase, MD!

Hey! My mom has a watercolor (and jewelry) show on November 14th in Chevy Chase, Maryland right by Washington, D.C. Please visit her blog and see some of the available artwork!

Watercolors by Gretchen H. Reifsnyder

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My guitarra!

So I was in a small shop in Cleveland and there was ONE classical guitar in it - it wasn't a guitar shop, it was a mexican handicraft shop - and I played it. Just beautiful. Anywho I found out some specs on it, and it was handmade from here:

Paracho, Michoacan, Mexico!

I may get it, although it is more money than I initially wanted to spend. Yamaha, suck it - I'm going with Mexican-made!


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Akron Show Monday night!

Hey if you know anyone in Akron, please let them know about our show tomorrow (Monday) night! We play for about an hour at The Northside Tavern in Akron with a band called Ashes. It costs five to get in!


the boyz

Friday, October 9, 2009

yes indeed

yes indeed, and i wanted to give a shout out to some great people we met tonight - (among others) - Kevin, Abby V., Rob and his awesome band Super Tuesday, Tiffany & hub, and lastly, Adam and Esther. you guys made our night!

also our new T-shirts by Annie Severe were wildly popular! thank you, Annie! ...more about her later...


Good show and Sea Shanties for all

Yo! So tonights show rocked the house (and it almost didn't happen - shhhh).
Good turnout, our new T-Shirts were a hit, and we got some potential new gigs out of it. Great night!

I also wanted to share some sea shanties with you. The site only has two so far, but they are both good, and they update with a new one each week. Enjoy the shanties!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jean-Luc, C3P0, and boys boys boys

We keep it real straight here at Walk the Moon one dot blogspot dot com, and we take ourselves very seriously. PSA 10072009

anyway... for your viewing pleasure, these here boys will be struttin it hard on Friday night. and they have absolutely nothing in common with the aforementioned characters... nothing at all...

show some love - Friday, Madison Theater, 9pm. Presented by 94.1 the Frequency

Monday, October 5, 2009

Classical guitar

I want a classical guitar. I decided a few days ago after my car broke down and I spent the afternoon wandering around Chagrin Falls, Ohio with my girlfriend and her mom. I'm looking at some really nice yamahas and trying to figure out if I want a flamenco guitar or a straight up classical guitar. I think I'm gonna play some at Buddy Rogers tomorrow. Woot! I'm gonna be like these guys:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

raccoon-dogs, super mario, and dayton, OH


Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki.

wtf is Tanuki?

Tanuki (狸 or タヌキ), if you were not aware, is the name of the Japanese raccoon-dog prevalent in J. folklore and legend, often associated with mischief and shapeshifting. You may be more familiar with this delightful image from the early 1990's:

I had no idea why the f&%^ Mario could fly and/or morph into a stone statue whenever he put on a furry raccoon suit, but, after some research, now I know. And so do you.

And here is Super Mario, as he is want to do, terrorizing some Japanese wayfarers with his enormous scrotum.


ahem, I'm back. sorry had to go scrub my eyes with a soapy toothbrush.

so anyway we're playing in Dayton on the 24th with our talented and attractive friend Kelly Fine and this sweet fusion band called, of course, "Tanuki".

below: Kelly Fine, not bearing her scrotum.

in the meantime, lend an eye to our show dates, we're playing OH like it's hot. we'll be in the Cincinnati area this friday at the Madison @ 9pm.

Nick P

Friday, October 2, 2009

Returning from the Cig Bity

Hey everyone,

I'm coming back to OH tomorrow! Gonna record guitarz and maybe step on over to Kenyon for a little dependin' on the band's schedule. I am going from the depressing New York fall weather to the beautiful Ohio fall, only to see it turn a good old fashioned monochromatic Ohio winter.

If anyone would like to get together and moan and tear their hair and lie around on the ground waiting for despair to swallow us whole, please let's do.

In other news, I am getting acquainted with a wonderful group called the New York Songwriters Circle ( and I went to their Folk Noise Showcase at Think Coffee today and saw a bunch of really killer songwriters, the killer-est of whom was Caleb Hawley, who absolutely blew my mind. Go to his myspace and get a little sugar, because it's abundant and he can really cut.

so, yeah, anyone else excited for a winter of crushing depression and ennui?


P.S. a big aww shucks to the below. Thanks Nick P.

I am in Florida. Flo-rida.

Greetings from Florida!! Im in orlando visiting my brother for the weekend and seeing him play a bisexual lover in a Christopher Durang play. Woot!

Big show in Cincinnati this coming Friday, Oct. 9th at the Madison Theater, by the way! We have tickets and if you want to buy them through us before the show you can email us at

More from flo-rida soon.

rawk on,

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nick P on Nick L, briefly

before I say anything at all, go to

if you did not already know, each of the members of WTM are songwriters... today I wanted to give some love to our guitarist Nick L. I visited his site today for the first time in awhile and found myself just... listening... for about a half an hour.

think... new orleans/beyonce/saloons/oscar the grouch/nina simone/white male folk guitarists/black female soul singers/bullies on playgrounds/nerds in english class/and central park in 1930.

my favorite is "convicted"

Nick P

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kissing Lessons with Walk the Moon

Dear readers,

It seems many have you have been writing us emails with topics such as, "How do you kiss with passion?" and "How do I kiss like I mean it?" and "What are some kissing tips, Walk the Moon?"

Well, I think it's a known fact that all four members of Walk the Moon are expert kissers.  But how did we get to be so good, you might ask.  Well, we'll tell you.  It's from watching this highly informative, superbly silly, and slightly sexy instructional video.  

Enjoy and learn, our young Padawans.  

The Boys

hey ladies and gents,
Adrian here, just wanted to check in say howdy to everyone following us and to say thank you. Its really weird to think that something you do people actually appreciate, so thank you for liking the music and liking it enough to also listen to whatever nonsense we boys have to talk about. yayy nonsense. So im just hanging out at school just came back from a pretty intense club frisbee tournament, my body hates me right now. Wow also after the games we went to white castle. Amazing but after like 15 burgers my body hates me even more. So im just chinchillin right now being lazy doing as little work as possible. Its working out pretty good right now. Walk the Moon!!!!

Forgotten Bookmarks

Wow, this site is so frikkin cool! Its a used book trader who finds things people have left in the pages of old books, including pictures, keycards, and recipes. I really want to try some of those recipes, dag.

anywho, go to

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Viggo fights naked and that makes him cool.

So, I wanted to find you a clip of Viggo Mortensen fighting naked in "Eastern Promises". I saw it a few nights ago and that scene changed me, permanently.

I couldn't find it, but this is better.

HA! I win!

So a few days ago I submitted "Incredibaby" to and it got posted! Hahahah. Here's the link

Woot, way to go me.


Friday, September 25, 2009

The Results are IN!

The results are in! Anna Sun wins!

You can listen to it over on the right, just click the play button!! Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In the studio again!

Still workin hard on the "I Want! I Want!" EP. Nick laid down some dope dope vocals on I want I want and did a few takes of Red Light. I had to leave but he's still there, editing stuff. We have a first draft of Blue Dress and it also sounds dope. Dope dope dope.

On another note, my mom wrote an email to my girlfriend and called her "the bomb diggz" because she's been reading me type that on this blog. Hahaha.

Our dutch friend Garry from the band Exit 31 is in town and we're gonna hang tonight, methinks. Exit 31 is a band from Holland that is recording with our Anthem EP producer, Erwin Musper. For those of you at Kenyon College, the stairwells covered their song "Mother Theresa" a couple years back. Awesome.

Anywho, thats all I've got to tell the blogosphere today, other than Nick P and I saw MuteMath last night and their show was pretty dopetastic. Lots of toys and gadgets, lots of jumping around, ridiculously tight, energetic. Still bad lyrics but a great show. I was front and center for the whole thing and it rocked.

Adios, blogopeeps!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Watercolors by Gretchen H. Reifsnyder!

Hey everybody, I just wanted to let you know that my mom just started a blog (with my help) for her watercolor paintings. She has done multiple art shows of her work in a handful of different cities, and does lots of commission work for people as gifts (my boss' wife hired my mom to paint my boss' doggie for his birthday). As you can see, she's really talented. You can go here or click her painting of sailboats to see her site. Everything on there is either for sale or could be duplicated for a very reasonable price. More to come!!


Uh oh...

Click the picture for more animals with lightsabers!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wow, You're Pretty

SMALL GIG this Sunday, September 27th. Nick P and I (Adam) will be performing at Oktoberfest at Annunciation Church in Clifton (Cincinnati) from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM. Nick and I will be playing some Walk the Moon songs acoustic and anyone is welcome to come. The festival is free, and there will be food, games, and music all night.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

mute math is OK

OK, so. here's the story, bloggerpeeps. I think the band mutemath is OK, so i'm going to write a post about how OK they are. they just released an OK album called "Armistice".

Here's the deal with this OK album. I think from a musical standpoint - the CD is the bomb diggz. I like just about every song melodically, all the performances are great, the lead vocalist's voice is pretty awesome, and the arrangements are not ground-breaking but really good. The thing that makes this album OK is the fact that his lyrics are extreeeeemely shmedium. he finds a way to toss like 50 trite expressions into single choruses. por ejemplo:

Cause the world won't turn
If the sun won't rise
And the stars won't burn
In a broken sky

And the wind won't surf
If the ocean's dry
And my heart won't work
If you say goodbye

If you say goodbye
If you say goodbye
If you say goodbye
My heart's in trouble

Maybe they aren't ALL trite expressions, but the ones that aren't trite are pretty lame. Virtually no lyric on this entire 12 song album is better than average. These lyrics are ALL (to quote my friend Alex Howe) "subawesome".

Upon hearing the second track on the album, "Backfire", I first thought the chorus lyrics were:

There goes another one of our surefire girls
She backfired again

WHICH I thought was pretty awesome and intriguing. What is a surefire girl? I would like to know. But upon closer listening I found he said "surefire plans" which is about as shmedium as shmedium can be.

That being said, if you care nothing about lyrical content and just listen to the tunes of songs, this album is BALLER. OR if you (god forbid) think the lyrics I typed above are moving and original, this is the album for you.

For a song of theirs that IS good lyrically AND musically, check out "You Are Mine" from their first major label album, "MUTEMATH", which is a comparable album to "Armistice" but has a few more stand out songs.

ANYWHO, I think Petricca and I are still gonna see them live on tuesday at Bogarts because I hear they put on one HELLOVA live show. Gonna be sweet.

Good thing you can't really understand any lyrics at Bogarts.

Friday, September 18, 2009



So to say "the coming months" sounds pretentious and oddly like a presidential campaigner, but:

Hello, (your name here)!

I would like to toss some dates your way and hope you come to those dates.
October 9th: 94.1 THE LOCAL FREQUENCY Local music Bonanza-type-thing
We're playing at the Madison Theater with several local bands! Please grab a ticket from us beforehand. They are $10 bucks! That's ten dollars for eight bands--that's around $1.12 per band--WHAT A VALUE!
At any rate,

Oct. 12th will see the arrival of the next jammity jam jam, which is going to be in Akron at the Northside with our buddies Ashes (

The following weekend, either the 16th or 17th we'll be at the VI at Kenyon--I hear tell it'll be parents' weekend, so come one and come all to see several 50- and 60- somethings getting loopy and doing da stanky leg.

THENNN, we'll be in Columbus at the Rumba Cafe on Oct. 23rd at 9 with a really good band called Bonneville (

November 7th we'll be at Pianos in NYC with our good pals Unisex Salon (whose lead singer's first name is Kenyon, and whose keyboardist is seriously named BRIAN GUMBEL. Maybe now he's gonna replace my favorite Gumbel.

ok. Much love, keep an eye out for my seared tuna with wasabi butter recipe later tonight or tomorrow.

Nick L

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Dear Childrens.

Ok. I got home and my parents were working so I decided to make dinner.

I made salmon topped with capers and garlic, lightly dusted with White Rose flour, and a melange of veggies that turned into a warm peach-jalapeno salsa.

I just wanted to share the recipe for the salsa:

1 Jersey beefsteak tomato
1 mild sweet pepper
1/2 peach
1/2 red onion
1 Jalapeño

a tbsp hot sesame sauce, a whole slosh of x-virg olive oil, a teaspoon or so of cumin, a pinch of cayenne pep powd, and a dash of water.

1. Sloshed in the x-virg and sesame and let it heat up in a small saucepan. Blanch the tomato (poured boiling water over it and let it sit until the skin sloughs off) and slice the onion and pepper up.

2. Toss the onion in the pan and let it rock and roll for a little while. Then dice the tomato and put it, and the pepper in. If you make sure to keep the mushy gushy parts of the tomato, they really thicken the sauce nicely. Then add the cumin and the cayenne.

3. Let that simmer over low/medium heat for a while. Say five minutes. When it is bubbly and thick, cut up the peach into 1/2 inch chunks and toss it in, saving three or four chunks, which you can smush up into a kind of peach gunk, and then toss that in.

4. Let that hang out on a simmer for a few minutes, and when it is nice and thick and bubbly, slice the Jalapeño into little rings and toss it in, making sure to keep the little funky seeds, as they are really spicy and good.

5. Let that all simmer for a little while, adding water if you need to make it saucier or less spicy. Add cayenne and cumin to taste now too if you want.

6. Toss that shit on some food and rejoice unto the Lord, for he brings forth bread from the Earth.

word up,

Nick L

thanks to Mark Bittman's Minimalist Cookbook for inspiration, which came in the form of a great little tomato salsa recipe, which starts with a Jersey Beefsteak tomato. That's the only similarity.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Lego Equilibrium - not for the faint of heart

This is just sweet. And violent, sort of.

Legolibrium 2 from Keshen on Vimeo.

ALSO here's a funny tip we received on thursday:

We'll take you up on that, Erin and Nick!

the boyz

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Videos from Kids Get Dead show!

Here are a few videos taken by Lauren Rasmussen!! There are videos of almost the whole show on but these are a few songs that we don't have other videos for yet!

I Want! I Want!

Red Light Remix

When My Baby is a Mess

Here is an old video lauren posted from Newport in July. It's noisy but i like the video.

Stone Cold Fox

Enjoy! And check out the last couple posts - I've put up a lot today!! Woot


Chippin in to help ye olde Walke the Moone

Hey what's up! Just wanted to let everyone know that if you would like to help us out, all you have to do is click "Chip In!" and you can donate a few bucks to Walk the Moon to help us with recording our album, making T-shirts (which are on the way!), and continuing to make awesome music and play shows!!! Even a few dollars will help!

Thank you!

The Boyz

Poems of the Underground

I just found this picture from when we played in London two Summers ago and I love it. The quote is from Canadian Poet Elizabeth Smart.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Poll up on the right side!

Heyo - just letting everyone know that we just put up a poll about our upcoming EP, "I Want! I Want!" It's going to have five songs -

Anna Sun
Blue Dress
The Liftaway
Red Light (new version)
I Want! I Want!

Please vote for your favorite!

the boyz

wow wow wee wow

We already wrote a post about this, so check that out below, but we were afraid it would get swallowed up by Nick L's september 11th post (you should read it if you haven't already, it's epic and interesting). But anywho, we had a fantastic night at the Kids Get Dead movie premiere and the show. We really enjoyed everything and Chick Pimp, Coke Dealer at a Bar put on a great show after ours. Plus we met some cool peeps, like Nicole, and Chelsea and Angie (both of whom had seen us at Ryan Cabrera's show, ha!). Nicole put together this awesome video for her youtube show, which you can check out here:

Here is her video, it is hilariously awesome and all things that are good.

the opinions expressed in this video do not necessary reflect those of Walk the Moon.

We actually really enjoyed the film for its ridiculousness, the world should check it out anyway!! Sorry you didn't like it, nikki!

Here are a few pics from the show, courtesy of Nicole, Angie, and Chelsea: