Monday, February 22, 2010

I LOVE MUSIC DON'T YOU? or, where are my pants?

have you seen my pants?

today for me was one of those days where you're in a schmediocre mood and music makes the world beautiful again.

we played a guitarist-less show in Indy last night which actually went great, ran into the AMAZING RIDICULOSO Caleb Hawley who somehow opened for us? but for whatever reason i was being a poop-face on the way back, and Vampire Weekend and Beach House and Bootsy Collins brought the planet back.

where are my pants?

Petricca Solo
Clifton Performance Theatre, 404 Ludlow Cincinnati

WALK THE MOON w/Charlie Hustle

Petricca Solo
Coffee Emporium, downtown Cinci

watch this and feel love.

e-mail us if you'd like to be on our list =)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Unlike this Lolcat, I think Nick is like 42 or something. So wish him a happy 42nd birthday!


AND then read the post below about upcoming shows in February!

Monday, February 15, 2010

recently and Gaia Theory

played this past weekend in Cinci and at Kenyon for the first time in months and months! met wonderful people as usual, had a great time playing with OH bands Founding Fathers and Bonneville.

we'll be playing again in Cincinnati on Saturday, Feb 27 at Mayday, a stylish bar in Northside. the event is part of a monthly music series called Earthquakes hosted by DJ Ken Bruns specifically fo' dancing. so bring yo dancing shoes. music starts at 10pm with local killers Charlie Hustle, and we'll go on at 11. the show is freefreefree!

the night before (Friday, Feb 26) i'll also be doing a performance at the new Clifton Performance Theater, playing some solo material, some Walk material, and taking a little time to talk about the music and why it's written the way it is. that'll be all ages so bring your fam and i'll kiss your babies. 7:30pm, 404 Ludlow.

meanwhile, i've been thinking a lot about our mother Earth and how we have made so much progress as a civilization, but almost always at the cost of somehow harming our planet. there's a theory i think is really fantastic called Gaia Hypothesis which describes Earth as a single, unified organism. how fascinating that all of Earth's life lives in balance with Earth's resources except humans...

we've created this man-made world that takes from the planet so much more than it gives, and yet we couldn't know all the amazing things we know about Earth without having come so far in science, technology, etc.

i dunno =) just been thinking.

what do you think?

always music playing at