Tuesday, May 18, 2010

weird dream

we were leather-wing human angels
and we battled on the sandstorm sea
and found you held captive in the windowless house
and i pulled fire from two sides of the world and in my anger released it on our enemies
and we flew home in a giant winged VW van

Monday, May 17, 2010

new friends and friends with whom we hope to make friends

Saturday was a funny, incredible night of music. funny mainly because ye Grande Opening of the fancy new RADIODOWN venue took place not at RADIODOWN but next door, in the Mad Hatter. granted, it was still a great time, but who forgets a liquor license?

incredible because we played with some of the most wonderful bands in Cincinnati, ones i get all dreamy and ecstatic about. Pomegranates and Seedy Seeds were naturally their fantastic selves, but we were especially excited to make new friends of the members of Enlou a very verby, click-clacky, bright sunshine band. be sure to Czech them out.

there was also one man we don't know but we desperately want to: who are you, photographer man who looks like Super Mario? we must've met at a party, or a concert, or a Saturday morning in 1996. reveal yourself! bloop bloop bloop

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lisa Baby and The Expert

we have been scurrying around updating the myspace recently and there are a few presents you might find up there. among them is a cut of our song "Lisa Baby". it's a newer jam that most of you will not have heard unless you have been at a live show recently.

ALSO, secrets for you. this song is a bizarre reincarnation of a very very ancient melody from whay bhack when in the days of The Expert, Nick L's and Nick P's band from freshman year at Kenyon. listen to "Shameless Ways"

finally we're booking shows for the summer, and one of them is a biggun Saturday May 15th at the Grand Opening of Radiodown. used to be a venue last decade and it has been re-acquired, re-located, and is in re-construction as we blog. the owners took me in to see the ballroom today and it is huge and gorgeous and classy, somewhat unlike the delightful but mildly seedy-looking Mad Hatter next door.

ANYWAY we will be playing around midnight after the Pomegranates, the Seedy Seeds, Enlou, and the No No Knots. and it's bound to be a stellar night.