Monday, May 17, 2010

new friends and friends with whom we hope to make friends

Saturday was a funny, incredible night of music. funny mainly because ye Grande Opening of the fancy new RADIODOWN venue took place not at RADIODOWN but next door, in the Mad Hatter. granted, it was still a great time, but who forgets a liquor license?

incredible because we played with some of the most wonderful bands in Cincinnati, ones i get all dreamy and ecstatic about. Pomegranates and Seedy Seeds were naturally their fantastic selves, but we were especially excited to make new friends of the members of Enlou a very verby, click-clacky, bright sunshine band. be sure to Czech them out.

there was also one man we don't know but we desperately want to: who are you, photographer man who looks like Super Mario? we must've met at a party, or a concert, or a Saturday morning in 1996. reveal yourself! bloop bloop bloop

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  1. haha, that photographer DID look rather like Mario! AWESOME SHOW GUYS!!! I'm so glad I went, it was a blast!!! :D