Thursday, September 30, 2010

more CityBeat love, NEW MEMBERS, and this weekend

last weekend @ Midpoint Music Festival here in Cincinnati, unbeknownst to us, the editor of Arts & Entertainment at CityBeat made a point to come to our show. he wrote:

And you have to respect a group unafraid to wear its influences like a badge of honor, if to say, "Yes, we do love Talking Heads, what are you going to do about it?"
-Mike Breen, CityBeat Cincinnati

read the entire article here: CityBeat MPMF

this weekend we play for the first time at Northside Tavern @ 11pm, opening for Charlie Hustle as they release their "Fall EP". come early for The Western.

and FINALLY without FURTHER ADO i would like to officially announce the NEW SEXY MEMBERS of WALK THE MOON:

Kevin Ray, bass
Sean Waugaman, drums & samples
Chris Robinson, guitar

pictured (from L to R): Kevin, myself, Seanny, Chris

aren't they pretty? and they all sing.

FIND US ALL at our party of the year i want! i want! NOV 13th @ The MOCKBEE, where we will release our debut full-length album and the "Anna Sun" Music Video.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Man Who's Lost His Wisdom... and THIS WEEKEND>>>

Underneath there, I look like:
A. a chipmunk
B. Harry Potter, after he got fat
C. Scott Stapp ca. summer 2010
D. all of the above

WALK THE MOON does not condone the unprescribed, recreational use of Percoset Oxycodone. However, it did provide for a very unusual case of the Mondays. I fell asleep almost everywhere, including the dinner table; it felt as though 1000 hummingbirds were kindly fanning my skin all day; and when my mom served me tomato soup I smelled it and said, "I just want to put my face in it."

THIS WEEKEND>>> there are some important things coming up that we would like you to know about/participate in.

The ANNA SUN MUSIC VIDEO SHOOT PART II is happening Sunday the 19th and we need your beautiful faces! All are welcome to join us for a barefoot romp at French Park (Cincinnati 45237) from 9am-1pm this Sunday. E-mail nicholaspetricca -at- gmail -dot- com for more info, or check

LALAPALOOZA for LEUKEMIA, a great night of music for a great cause, takes place Saturday the 18th, the night before the shoot. Starting at 5pm at the Village Green in Glendale, there will be food, BEER, and original music by local Cincinnati artists including WALK THE MOON and our beautiful singer-songwriter friend Serenity Fisher.

keep in touch.
quarks and sharks,

Thursday, September 9, 2010

it's been a minute.

and regrettably it'll be a minute more.

VIDEO SHOOT Part II happening next Sunday at French Park, CD Release being planned for November, CD final mixing happening RIGHT NOW... meanwhile we are playing in Indy tonight, Covington on Friday night, and Clifton on Saturday night.

much more to say; kindly stay tuned...


ALSO we cannot thank you enough, everyone who was involved in ANNA SUN Part I. what an incredible turnout, what amazing performances from EVERYONE. we've been going over the footage and we are pooping ourselves.