Tuesday, June 22, 2010

three-hundred sixty-five degrees

some video of the show with Wakey! Wakey!

first, something we never do, but did on Friday. =) i think we will make a habit of this...

last, the bum, bum, bum, clap clap!

e-mail us your ideas for cover songs at theboys (at) walkthemoononline (dot) com
OR message us on facebook.com/walkthemoon

videos courtesy of the delightful Lauren Rasmussen (youtube 'wingedelfgirl')

and in case you didn't get the message:

thanks Robin ;)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

eggs and bac-y! and news

first, a memory.

Friday night we shared the stage with the well-bearded, well-worded, well-yes-some-more-if-you-please NYC band Wakey! Wakey!, led by Michael Grubbs of One Tree Hill fame.

across the foggy ribbons of neons and stage lights we saw so many friends and so many faces we didn't know... after we offered up an upside-down cover of "Burning Down the House" and finished out the set, we (and everyone else) got to enjoy the epic, folky Spring Standards and long-awaited Wakey! Wakey!. all not before discovering the secret all-black back room of the Mad Hatter where Sean, Ryan, and I hung out for a minute with Michael, his gorgeous German bassist Anne and babe keyboardist Tanya (I love it... Wakey! Wakey! consists of TV heartthrob Mikey Grubbs and his army of talented and approachable supermodels... and drummer Spencer). among other things we worshipped Twitter, chuckled about dudes who wear bright colors, played a purple guitar and took some silly photos with my disposable camera (did you know they still make those?). they couldn't have been kinder and more content to spend time with some real cincinnati folk... and watching their show wasn't too different from that. the Wakey! Wakey! set was sparkling and earnest, sort of like if you rode Space Mountain with the cast of Andy Griffith and 200 of your best friends.

the members of Spring Standards and the purple-guitar-playing tour manager then rushed onstage for the last tune; Anne must've seen me hungrily eye-ing a tambourine, cause she pulled me up and we all shouted and shook and jangled and sang together. smiley, Wakey! Wakey! said goodnight.

AND suddenly, when all the sounds had softened and Michael made his way back to the merch table, the room went black and floodlights flicked on as the power was cut to half of Covington. AND then in the half-light the greatest thing in the world happened, which means people spontaneously pulled out instruments and started singing folk songs together. AND that's what i love about music, that when all the lights go out and our phones are dead and our tech-y modern world is reduced to half-light, people are gonna make music like so what?

and off the soap-box for a little news...

this coming Friday we're back at the Mad Hatter for a rare show - a rep from a big-whig booking agency will be there checking out Cincinnati acts. it's an important one for us, and we'd be really grateful to see you out there. got to show this man what we're about!!

if you can't make it Friday, we're playing Saturday night at the Mainstay in downtown Cinci. we play at midnight, and the Dukes open at 11pm.

thanks again to everyone who came out on Friday... you were wonderful. cheers, Michael, Anne, Tanya, Spence, and friends! and to the Heffs and Birdfinder! hope to see you again soon.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

oh my God.

courtesy of

MONROE — The large Jesus statue iconic to Interstate 75 in Monroe is destroyed following an apparent lightning strike.

Motorists were stopped along the highway and around the Monroe area to watch the 62-foot “King of Kings” statue burn before officers dispersed traffic. The fire was reported just 11:15 p.m. Monday, June 15. Within minutes, all that was left was the steel frame of the statue at Solid Rock Church, 904 N. Union Road.

“It’s crazy,” said Ted Williams, 35, of Monroe, who could see the statue ablaze from a Shell gas station along Ohio 63.

After midnight, the fire had spread to the nearby amphitheater of the church, according to Monroe dispatchers. There were no reports of injuries.

The statue, which appeared to come out of the water, was known by multiple nicknames since it was built in 2004, including “Touchdown Jesus” because the arms re raised upward, similar to a motion made when a touchdown is scored in football, or “Drowning Jesus.” It also was known as “Big Butter Jesus” after comedian Heywood Banks referred to it as such and created a song about the statue, which he performed on radio’s “The Bob and Tom Show.”

The statue was constructed of wood and styrofoam over a steel framework that was anchored in concrete aand covered with a fiberglass mat and resin exterior, according to the church. Earlier this spring, the statue was power cleaned and touched up with 60 gallons of white paint to address exposure from the elements, said Ron Carter, administrator at Solid Rock, a nondemonimational megachurch.

Crews responded from Monroe, Middletown, Liberty Twp., Deerfield Twp. and Trenton, according to dispatchers.

Messages left at the church late Monday were not returned.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wakey! Wakey!, Sophie's Dream, and Coffee Emporium


WALK THE MOON returns to Covington on June 18th for an evening at the Mad Hatter with the very amazing Wakey! Wakey!

It's a big deal for us to be opening for such a great up-and-coming indie band, and we'd love to have all of you come out and join us.

Led by Michael Grubbs (of TV's "One Tree Hill"), Wakey! Wakey! is touring the country with their "indie-pop-on-Mozart" sound (Spin Magazine).

Get your tickets now! Please contact Nicholas at nicholaspetricca (at) gmail (dot) com.

WALK THE MOON supporting Wakey! Wakey!
Friday, June 18th, 7pm
Mad Hatter, 620 Scott Ave 41011
$10 All Ages


In other news, the Cincinnati Fringe Festival, a festival of new and experimental theater in downtown Cincy, continues through this week. I'll be singing and acting in a piece called Sophie's Dream, a really unique, whimsical play written by our amazing singer/songwriter friend Serenity Fisher. If you haven't experienced Fringe before, check out cincyfringe.com and come see some fantastic indie theater.

WALK THE MOON will be down there as well. Today, Tuesday June 8th, during the Festival, I'll be at Coffee Emporium on Central Pkwy performing as WALK from 4-6pm.

WALK stripped-down
Tuesday, June 8th, 4-6pm
Coffee Emporium on Central Pkwy
FREE for you and for me

Really hope to see you!
Happy summertime,
Nicholas & WALK THE MOON

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

another weird one and a lovely Memorial Day tour

nightime, distant future
a great escape
across the badlands desert of Planet America
we ran on foot until we hijacked a black Honda Civic
and finally lost them in a vast field of flashing firetrucks

hello world.

our tiny-mini-baby tour thru South Bend, Valparaiso, and Chicago could not have gone better. we cruised across the midwest in Seanny's white turtle-van and made it barely in time at Jumpin' Juice and Java in South Bend. we played a loud and intimate show there at the coffeehouse and were generously put up by Mikey K. where we played Contact in the pool, watched Super Mario Bros., wikipedia-ed rare birds, and got a delicious breakfast in the morning. at Valpo we met Heather and her delightful lady-crew at Uptown Cafe and played a long acoustic set for a free delicious gourmet lunch before heading off to Chicago. there in Lakeview we met up with old friends and loaded in at the fantastic Elbo Room. this story-and-a-half underground, blacklighted, alcove-ridden gem is a hip, hip place with great sound and friendly bartenders. thanks so much to Blake of Rally For One for hooking us up there! and especially to Adam R who graciously joined us onstage for this special night =) anyway we played with an odd mix-up of awesome acts, from the hard hard hard! metal fist of Sonic Pistol to the raphornsviolinsdreadlocks of B.R. & Timebomb (out of NYC), then crashed at my cousin Lou's place. There we were spoiled again with delectable bacon breakfast, and we left to return to OH in style (we all sported matching sunglasses).

i'll post again about this next thing, but FYI this week marks the beginning of Cincinnati's Fringe Festival, a theater festival in downtown Cincinnati of original plays and performances. i'm in a piece called Sophie's Dream and we open on Thursday at 8pm at Duveneck 3 on Vine. my friend wrote the music and the script, and it's beautiful. i want everyone to see it. if you're interested, visit cincyfringe.com or e-mail me at nicholaspetricca@gmail.com for details and tickets.