Wednesday, June 2, 2010

another weird one and a lovely Memorial Day tour

nightime, distant future
a great escape
across the badlands desert of Planet America
we ran on foot until we hijacked a black Honda Civic
and finally lost them in a vast field of flashing firetrucks

hello world.

our tiny-mini-baby tour thru South Bend, Valparaiso, and Chicago could not have gone better. we cruised across the midwest in Seanny's white turtle-van and made it barely in time at Jumpin' Juice and Java in South Bend. we played a loud and intimate show there at the coffeehouse and were generously put up by Mikey K. where we played Contact in the pool, watched Super Mario Bros., wikipedia-ed rare birds, and got a delicious breakfast in the morning. at Valpo we met Heather and her delightful lady-crew at Uptown Cafe and played a long acoustic set for a free delicious gourmet lunch before heading off to Chicago. there in Lakeview we met up with old friends and loaded in at the fantastic Elbo Room. this story-and-a-half underground, blacklighted, alcove-ridden gem is a hip, hip place with great sound and friendly bartenders. thanks so much to Blake of Rally For One for hooking us up there! and especially to Adam R who graciously joined us onstage for this special night =) anyway we played with an odd mix-up of awesome acts, from the hard hard hard! metal fist of Sonic Pistol to the raphornsviolinsdreadlocks of B.R. & Timebomb (out of NYC), then crashed at my cousin Lou's place. There we were spoiled again with delectable bacon breakfast, and we left to return to OH in style (we all sported matching sunglasses).

i'll post again about this next thing, but FYI this week marks the beginning of Cincinnati's Fringe Festival, a theater festival in downtown Cincinnati of original plays and performances. i'm in a piece called Sophie's Dream and we open on Thursday at 8pm at Duveneck 3 on Vine. my friend wrote the music and the script, and it's beautiful. i want everyone to see it. if you're interested, visit or e-mail me at for details and tickets.


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