Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Acoustic Concerts!

Here's a video from our acoustic show on Saturday. There are four or five more on youtube taken by our friend Lauren Rasmussen.

Also available are acoustic versions of "Jenny's Got a...", "Jumpsuit," "Iscariot," "Red Light", "Don't Take Me Back," and "Show Me".

Here's "Show Me," which we only do acoustically (for the time being). It's gotten more hits than anything else from our acoustic show except for "Anna Sun" so maybe that means people like it a lot. Here ya go!


The Boyz

Monday, June 29, 2009

Takin' it to the Streets

Here's a sonnet for Michael McDonald.

A fool believes to sing is to create.
To sing, to move, to lithely slide among
your pentatonic noodlings some might hate
the way you do would be like being hung

Like Seabiscuit, Hakeem Olajuwon,
Shaq or Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights.
You croon, you moan, you always turn me on,
I'll never sing like you, by nature's rights.

But every day at ten past dinner-time
I grab my iPod deck, roll up my sleeves,
and go to scrub the dinner's filth and grime,
And sing along to "What a Fool Believes."
You sang with Doobies and with Steely Dan,
Mike McD, you are the fucking man.

2009 Walk the Moon

Two important shows this week!

Hey! Just a reminder we have a big concert as part of The Flight Station's Music Video Release party at the Madison Theater in Covington this Thursday night at 7:30 PM. It's gonna be sweet and it's all ages. Tickets are 5 bucks through us presale and 8 dollars at the door. Email theboys@walkthemoononline.com if you need tickets!

This friday is the finals of the Mad Frog Dirty Dozen Battle of the Bands. We need your vote, so please come and bring your friends! Cover charge is 5 bucks and we'll be playing our most kickass set ever!!

Please come out and show your support!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A fan in Australia!

I'm excited right now because we got a wonderful email and a generous donation from a guy named Paul from Australia. Paul, if you're reading this - you rock!

Also, we're currently booking a lot of shows all over the place so check our myspace.com/walkthemoonband site for an updated list of upcoming shows!


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Two acoustic shows next weekend! (June 27 & 28)

What: Walk the Moon Acoustic Show
When: Sat, June 27th and Sun, June 28th
Where: Adam's House in Anderson Twp
Cost: Free

If you need directions, please contact us at adam8485@gmail.com.
In case you haven't seen it, the acoustic video of "Stone Cold Fox" is on this blog, just scroll down. It's also on youtube.
Hope to see you at the shows this weekend!

Also, read Adrian's blog below.

The Boys
Ok ladies and gentlemen, 
     Its adrian again. So because we practice in a pretty small space everyday and turn our amps to 11, our hearing is slowly but surely leaving us. So we decided to get these nifty little earplugs that supposedly let in only the good sound or only specific sound waves and keep out the harmful stuff, but either way, their recommended by all these music magazines and stores so we all invested in the whopping 20 dollars that could have been well spent on a couple trips to Wendy's. We came home feeling great about our new found sense of health consciousness and played some tunes. But soon we were to figured out the real reason these earplugs were so acclaimed. It wasn't because they kept out bad sound at all, though that may be true, it was because you can make fountain sculptures out them. You see, the ear-plugs are made of three levels of rubber domes, and the domes are quite pliable so if you turn the domes in any sort of combination, you can make beautiful sorts of tiny fountain-esque creations that occupy hours of time better spent practicing. Seriously these things are amazing. When Walk the Moon isn't eating, or playing music, or playing Magic, or talking about girls, were making fountain sculptures. 

Saturday, June 20, 2009

lightning storm, 3:21 AM

it's a beautiful, rainy, lightning-y night. we just stood outside in the rain and watched the lightning for about 15 minutes with some of our friends and it was incredible.

we just had a night full of ultimate pool and good beer with some close friends, and it's time to rest up for our three gigs this weekend.

we have new demos up on myspace, please listen and tell us what you think. you can always email us at theboys@walkthemoononline.com or message us on our myspace. we love hearing from peeps.

adumb out.

Friday, June 19, 2009


This is Nick L. I'm blogging from the Petriccas' home computer, away from the hustle and bustle of Friday afternoon in Milford, Ohio. Sometimes a pimp just gotta get away from it all, you know, like go to Trinidad or the DR or something. But I ain't got a plane, I also ain't got money to go to the islands, so I just decided to have a leisurely vacation in the computer room, which is in the southern part of this house. I'm hula dancing and drinking a Mai Tai. There are Tiki torches and the breeze is blowing across my bare chest. I got a bunch of sand shipped out here from Jones Beach in Long Island (holler if you hear me) because I like my sand full of old cans of peas and cigarette butts.

But I digress. While I'm vacationing out here, Nick and Adam are busy in the other room editing our first real album demos. We're going to email them to our producers this afternoon, and then begin our next batch. We're going to send Blue Dress, The Liftaway, and Anna Sun to LA for their consideration. Hopefully we'll have the whole album demo'd by the end of the month! This is all very exciting to me. Come on, aren't you a little psyched? I see the corners of your mouth tugging up. yes, you are! Who's my little blumpkin? Yess you aare! Kitschy kischy koo!

At any rate, shit is really poppin. We've got a hugely cool Borderline Personality version of Blue Dress, which we'll post as soon as we have the time to figger out how to put up some audio we'll throw it up for all y'all.

Keep reading this blog.


Thursday, June 18, 2009

Magic the Gathering

Hey Guys and Gals,
I've never written a blog before, I'm Adrian...the drummer if you've heard or seen us. I would like to introduce my self into the blogging world with a little thing called Magic the Gathering. I know what you're thinking. And your right. It is completely devoid of any trace of cool or hip. Magic is played predominantly by indoor kids, and im not an indoor kid but me Nick L and Nick P are all very ardent players and competitors. The rush you get from meticulously peeling back the brilliantly colored plastic on a new fresh deck where a metallic new rare plainswalker is patiently waiting for you is incomparable. And the utter defeat you feel as you realize that your blockers have all been put in your graveyard and you have 3 health left, as your opponent delivers a fatal attack from Akroma: Angel of Wrath, is like being kicked in the face by Wolverine, 2 times. All in all every one of you reading this should go to Wal-Mart pick yourself up a starter deck and dive in. Good luck. Listen to my band. We're kinda good.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Battle of the Bands THIS SATURDAY and SWEET all ages show coming up!

This saturday we are competing against 5 other bands in a 2-round battle of the bands at the Mad Frog bar in Clifton. It only costs 5 bucks and we need your votes! Please come and bring friends - we'll be playing some new tunes!

Also, we are now preselling tickets to a BIG show at the Madison Theater in Covington Thursday, July 2nd. The venue is a ridiculously nice large concert hall and its a 5 band show celebrating the music video release of the band The Flight Station. The other bands on the bill are Windsor Drive, Rosemary Device, Watson Park, The London and WALK THE MOON!!! If you're interested in this show its only five dollars if you buy a ticket ahead of time and 8 dollars at the door, so please let us know if you want a ticket from us for 5. Email at theboys@walkthemoononline.com.

As always, we keep accurate and up to date information on upcoming shows just below our music player on myspace.com/walkthemoonband

Hope to see you this weekend!!!


Saturday, June 13, 2009

nick uno: rare sharks, play by play cafe, and James Whitmore

i've been obsessing about this video all year.

not much to say, you just have to see it. basically, dinosaurs roam the earth. i'm never going swimming again. it is said these creatures are often found in public pools.

today, this got me on a rare aquatic animal kick, so i have taken the liberty to recommend these videos as well...

megamouth shark. kind of looks like a three-year-old drew a picture of a shark and God was like, "hey, good idea."

oarfish. holy shit. chinese sea dragon. they've never caught one alive because no one has survived the flames exerted from its fiery snout.

in other news, we played the Play by Play Cafe in Silverton last night and it was a blast. i really like that place a lot. we'll play there again in a few weeks, and you should all come... really clean, really hip, awesome bar and KILLER sound system.

finally, tell me Treebeard from Lord of the Rings was not based entirely on the visage of James Whitmore, famous dramatic genius.

that's all for me today. we're travelling north to toledo to visit our friends and then we'll play the Hard Rock in Cleveland (lovingly known to us as the Land of Cleve) Sunday night.

Nick Petricca

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Party on! SHOW This Friday night at Play by Play cafe in Cincinnati - LOTS OF NEW SONGS

So this weekend is a brief hiatus for the band because the big one and the little one both went home to New York for various reasons until Monday. Nick and I watched Princess Mononoke last night, and it was pretty much the bomb diggz. I've also been doing some housekeeping shiz - cleaning out my car, doing laundry, shining some shoes, stripping some wallpaper, responding to messages on myspace, and finding this sweetass Wayne's World Bohemian Rhapsody gif to put up here. I just bought Waynes World 1 & 2 for 6 bucks last night and I'm pretty pumped about it. Czar Nicholas II had never seen either Wayne's World movie OR ANY OF THE BACK TO THE FUTURE MOVIES until last week when we edumucated him.

When Adrian booked his flight to NYC last week, he had to pick the worst time in the world: his flight was at 6:45 AM out of COLUMBUS. Seeing as we are 2 hours from columbus, that means that Nick and I had to leave around 3 AM to get him to his flight. It ended up being pretty sweet though, because after our search for the perfect movie to keep us awake from midnight til 2 or 3, we somehow (tragically) ended up with the movie Lost In Space, which Nick and I both remembered being kind of cool from when we were kids/teenagers. Nope. It pretty much was a horrible movie from start to finish. Even Gary Oldman couldn't save that flick. Nor could Joey from Friends.

On the way to the airport in the middle of the night we listened to a burned cd with 11 new demos we recorded (including Anna Sun and Set the TV On Fire, which are both up on myspace right now) and we are starting to have our vision for the album come together. We're picking from about 16 songs for the new album and our pool of 16 is pretty freakin awesome.
Stone Cold Fox, Angeline, and Jenny's Got a... are all in the running, although the versions of the songs will be very different, and to many people's apparent dismay, the strings most likely will not be returning in SCF or Angie. Our goal is to not need them, and to make our versions every bit as exciting with just our instruments and 4 vocals. I don't think you guys will be disappointed.

Wayne's World happens to be on VH1 right now and it's pretty awesome.

We're playing at the Play by Play Cafe this friday night around 9 PM and I think its 5 bucks at the door. You guys should come, we've made a lot of progress in the past few weeks and it's going to be a hellova show.

Beez owd


Friday, June 5, 2009

Awesomeness in video form

You have to watch this video for The Police's "Walking on the Moon". The song is basically where we got our name to begin with, but I just discovered this video for it and it's so ridiculously 80's. Enjoy!

The Police - "Walking on the Moon"


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yo. I'm Blawgin.

Hello all.

This is Czar Nicholas the Second reporting live from the Dayton airport. I'm going home to see my brother off to China for six weeks and help my lovely Grandmother move out of her house! Shazam!

Well, this is what they pay me for, so I better get blogging. There is a woman next to me eating some delicious looking snack mix out of a red bag. She's also reading a book. Earlier there was a man in an orange Denver Broncos sweatshirt (really? are you wearing a sweatshirt in June?) sitting against the wall noodling on his Blackberry which was the same color as this woman's bag of yummies, but there was an announcement that called him away! That's right--he was one of those guys--They said "Flight 3592 Passenger Anderson Runge, please see a US Airways representative about your flight departing at 6:21," and he said "fuck this" and got up! I've always wanted to see that in action, and I'm really pumped that I did. I'm also really pumped because there was an old, old, lady in a wheelchair waiting for her daughter/granddaughter/some younger female to get off a plane and she kept saying "I don't know if she knows to come on over!" and fretting. I love when old people fret. I got a slice of cheese pizza from an oddly skinny lady named Kim who was the server at Sbarro's, and I tasted the zesty taste of Italy.

But I digress. The point is, this is going to be the first time since early January I've been home--the longest time I've spent away from home in MAH WHOLE LYF. Yeah, really. Don't get me wrong, I happen to quite enjoy my pseudo independence as a guest in the Petricca home, but it's been a bit of a drain to have not seen my home in five months.

*Wow! I just found out that I'm sitting near the coldest water fountain in the ENTIRE airport! So, listen, internet: if you're flying to or from Dayton, Ohio, make sure to sip from the spigot near gate C14. Some employees just tipped me in. Shh. I think it's a bit of secret.*

There is a pretty girl on a phone who I just made eye contact with. Good sign. A man in a denim jacket and denim pants walked by! Canadian tuxedo! Hot damn!

So, at any rate, Walk the Moon is doing quite well, and I want all of you to make sure to come to our next two gigs--the first is at the Play by Play Cafe in the 'Nati, the second is at a different cafe in the Cleveland area, the Hard Rock Cafe (we're gonna be onstage thanks to The Agora Theater, Hard Rock Cafe, and Jagermeister. Holler.) I expect to see all of you there.

Someone named Petri was just called to the front desk!! Petri, like the character from Land Before Time. Cute name bingo!

AND!! Presenting our new really cool Chip In widget! Here you can help us out towards our new album. I'm still working on a really sweet interactive widget, and I'll put it up again later, but here is the bare-bones version.

It's been really good talking to you. I love you, too.



Happy Birthday, Momma!

It's my mommy's birthday today, happy Bday mom!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kenyon Alumni Magazine

Today we were recognized in Kenyon's Alumni Magazine, so I just wanted to post a little clip from the photo spread/brief article.

Here is the article online.

Photos from the Acoustic Shoot

Thanks to Amanda and the crew at Ohio Center for Broadcasting in Cincinnati - we had a great time!

Monday, June 1, 2009

VI Show, May 29th/Acoustic Shoot

Here's the one photo that has surfaced from the show Friday night - you can't see Adrian and I look funny, but what can you do. Thanks, Hil!

Just got back from the acoustic video shoot and we're pooped. Its hard to tell how they're gonna turn out, but we should get at least a few good videos of it. We recorded acoustic versions of

House Burning Down
When My Baby is a Mess
Stone Cold Fox
The Lift Away
Show Me
Anna Sun
Throw Me the Line
La La Metropolitan

I may have forgotten one or two. We ran out of time/energy and didn't get to Iscariot, Set the TV on Fire, or Red Light. Oh well!

We'll post the videos on here, youtube, and our website as soon as we can. Peace!


Acoustic Video Shoot take 2

Today we've got our acoustic video shoot - it was rescheduled after nick got sickies last time. Right now we're watching Tom & Jerry cartoons and eating before we rehearse and head out. We'll keep you posted, and we'll put the videos up as soon as we've got them!

and the boyz