Monday, June 1, 2009

VI Show, May 29th/Acoustic Shoot

Here's the one photo that has surfaced from the show Friday night - you can't see Adrian and I look funny, but what can you do. Thanks, Hil!

Just got back from the acoustic video shoot and we're pooped. Its hard to tell how they're gonna turn out, but we should get at least a few good videos of it. We recorded acoustic versions of

House Burning Down
When My Baby is a Mess
Stone Cold Fox
The Lift Away
Show Me
Anna Sun
Throw Me the Line
La La Metropolitan

I may have forgotten one or two. We ran out of time/energy and didn't get to Iscariot, Set the TV on Fire, or Red Light. Oh well!

We'll post the videos on here, youtube, and our website as soon as we can. Peace!


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