Friday, June 19, 2009


This is Nick L. I'm blogging from the Petriccas' home computer, away from the hustle and bustle of Friday afternoon in Milford, Ohio. Sometimes a pimp just gotta get away from it all, you know, like go to Trinidad or the DR or something. But I ain't got a plane, I also ain't got money to go to the islands, so I just decided to have a leisurely vacation in the computer room, which is in the southern part of this house. I'm hula dancing and drinking a Mai Tai. There are Tiki torches and the breeze is blowing across my bare chest. I got a bunch of sand shipped out here from Jones Beach in Long Island (holler if you hear me) because I like my sand full of old cans of peas and cigarette butts.

But I digress. While I'm vacationing out here, Nick and Adam are busy in the other room editing our first real album demos. We're going to email them to our producers this afternoon, and then begin our next batch. We're going to send Blue Dress, The Liftaway, and Anna Sun to LA for their consideration. Hopefully we'll have the whole album demo'd by the end of the month! This is all very exciting to me. Come on, aren't you a little psyched? I see the corners of your mouth tugging up. yes, you are! Who's my little blumpkin? Yess you aare! Kitschy kischy koo!

At any rate, shit is really poppin. We've got a hugely cool Borderline Personality version of Blue Dress, which we'll post as soon as we have the time to figger out how to put up some audio we'll throw it up for all y'all.

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