Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Battle of the Bands THIS SATURDAY and SWEET all ages show coming up!

This saturday we are competing against 5 other bands in a 2-round battle of the bands at the Mad Frog bar in Clifton. It only costs 5 bucks and we need your votes! Please come and bring friends - we'll be playing some new tunes!

Also, we are now preselling tickets to a BIG show at the Madison Theater in Covington Thursday, July 2nd. The venue is a ridiculously nice large concert hall and its a 5 band show celebrating the music video release of the band The Flight Station. The other bands on the bill are Windsor Drive, Rosemary Device, Watson Park, The London and WALK THE MOON!!! If you're interested in this show its only five dollars if you buy a ticket ahead of time and 8 dollars at the door, so please let us know if you want a ticket from us for 5. Email at

As always, we keep accurate and up to date information on upcoming shows just below our music player on

Hope to see you this weekend!!!


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