Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ok ladies and gentlemen, 
     Its adrian again. So because we practice in a pretty small space everyday and turn our amps to 11, our hearing is slowly but surely leaving us. So we decided to get these nifty little earplugs that supposedly let in only the good sound or only specific sound waves and keep out the harmful stuff, but either way, their recommended by all these music magazines and stores so we all invested in the whopping 20 dollars that could have been well spent on a couple trips to Wendy's. We came home feeling great about our new found sense of health consciousness and played some tunes. But soon we were to figured out the real reason these earplugs were so acclaimed. It wasn't because they kept out bad sound at all, though that may be true, it was because you can make fountain sculptures out them. You see, the ear-plugs are made of three levels of rubber domes, and the domes are quite pliable so if you turn the domes in any sort of combination, you can make beautiful sorts of tiny fountain-esque creations that occupy hours of time better spent practicing. Seriously these things are amazing. When Walk the Moon isn't eating, or playing music, or playing Magic, or talking about girls, were making fountain sculptures. 

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