Thursday, June 18, 2009

Magic the Gathering

Hey Guys and Gals,
I've never written a blog before, I'm Adrian...the drummer if you've heard or seen us. I would like to introduce my self into the blogging world with a little thing called Magic the Gathering. I know what you're thinking. And your right. It is completely devoid of any trace of cool or hip. Magic is played predominantly by indoor kids, and im not an indoor kid but me Nick L and Nick P are all very ardent players and competitors. The rush you get from meticulously peeling back the brilliantly colored plastic on a new fresh deck where a metallic new rare plainswalker is patiently waiting for you is incomparable. And the utter defeat you feel as you realize that your blockers have all been put in your graveyard and you have 3 health left, as your opponent delivers a fatal attack from Akroma: Angel of Wrath, is like being kicked in the face by Wolverine, 2 times. All in all every one of you reading this should go to Wal-Mart pick yourself up a starter deck and dive in. Good luck. Listen to my band. We're kinda good.


1 comment:

  1. ooooh. I get the same feeling from pokemon cards. i'm not kidding. pity i'm trying to 'save money' and all, or i'd be getting them more often.

    never played magic, but I do know that Tony DiTerlizzi has done illustrations for it! :D

    HA. I am now officially more geeky than you.

    and also your band is kind of AWESOME. and nice to meet you. :)