Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yo. I'm Blawgin.

Hello all.

This is Czar Nicholas the Second reporting live from the Dayton airport. I'm going home to see my brother off to China for six weeks and help my lovely Grandmother move out of her house! Shazam!

Well, this is what they pay me for, so I better get blogging. There is a woman next to me eating some delicious looking snack mix out of a red bag. She's also reading a book. Earlier there was a man in an orange Denver Broncos sweatshirt (really? are you wearing a sweatshirt in June?) sitting against the wall noodling on his Blackberry which was the same color as this woman's bag of yummies, but there was an announcement that called him away! That's right--he was one of those guys--They said "Flight 3592 Passenger Anderson Runge, please see a US Airways representative about your flight departing at 6:21," and he said "fuck this" and got up! I've always wanted to see that in action, and I'm really pumped that I did. I'm also really pumped because there was an old, old, lady in a wheelchair waiting for her daughter/granddaughter/some younger female to get off a plane and she kept saying "I don't know if she knows to come on over!" and fretting. I love when old people fret. I got a slice of cheese pizza from an oddly skinny lady named Kim who was the server at Sbarro's, and I tasted the zesty taste of Italy.

But I digress. The point is, this is going to be the first time since early January I've been home--the longest time I've spent away from home in MAH WHOLE LYF. Yeah, really. Don't get me wrong, I happen to quite enjoy my pseudo independence as a guest in the Petricca home, but it's been a bit of a drain to have not seen my home in five months.

*Wow! I just found out that I'm sitting near the coldest water fountain in the ENTIRE airport! So, listen, internet: if you're flying to or from Dayton, Ohio, make sure to sip from the spigot near gate C14. Some employees just tipped me in. Shh. I think it's a bit of secret.*

There is a pretty girl on a phone who I just made eye contact with. Good sign. A man in a denim jacket and denim pants walked by! Canadian tuxedo! Hot damn!

So, at any rate, Walk the Moon is doing quite well, and I want all of you to make sure to come to our next two gigs--the first is at the Play by Play Cafe in the 'Nati, the second is at a different cafe in the Cleveland area, the Hard Rock Cafe (we're gonna be onstage thanks to The Agora Theater, Hard Rock Cafe, and Jagermeister. Holler.) I expect to see all of you there.

Someone named Petri was just called to the front desk!! Petri, like the character from Land Before Time. Cute name bingo!

AND!! Presenting our new really cool Chip In widget! Here you can help us out towards our new album. I'm still working on a really sweet interactive widget, and I'll put it up again later, but here is the bare-bones version.

It's been really good talking to you. I love you, too.



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  1. PETRI DON BLUTH 1988. sorry. habit.
    I do love musings and observations. i hope you write again soon, twas fun to read. have a good time back home, it's hard being away. Love you too!!! :D