Friday, September 18, 2009



So to say "the coming months" sounds pretentious and oddly like a presidential campaigner, but:

Hello, (your name here)!

I would like to toss some dates your way and hope you come to those dates.
October 9th: 94.1 THE LOCAL FREQUENCY Local music Bonanza-type-thing
We're playing at the Madison Theater with several local bands! Please grab a ticket from us beforehand. They are $10 bucks! That's ten dollars for eight bands--that's around $1.12 per band--WHAT A VALUE!
At any rate,

Oct. 12th will see the arrival of the next jammity jam jam, which is going to be in Akron at the Northside with our buddies Ashes (

The following weekend, either the 16th or 17th we'll be at the VI at Kenyon--I hear tell it'll be parents' weekend, so come one and come all to see several 50- and 60- somethings getting loopy and doing da stanky leg.

THENNN, we'll be in Columbus at the Rumba Cafe on Oct. 23rd at 9 with a really good band called Bonneville (

November 7th we'll be at Pianos in NYC with our good pals Unisex Salon (whose lead singer's first name is Kenyon, and whose keyboardist is seriously named BRIAN GUMBEL. Maybe now he's gonna replace my favorite Gumbel.

ok. Much love, keep an eye out for my seared tuna with wasabi butter recipe later tonight or tomorrow.

Nick L


  1. Come do a show in New Orleans. I'll bring a million med students to it. promise.

  2. hmm. you promise much, young padawan