Wednesday, September 23, 2009

In the studio again!

Still workin hard on the "I Want! I Want!" EP. Nick laid down some dope dope vocals on I want I want and did a few takes of Red Light. I had to leave but he's still there, editing stuff. We have a first draft of Blue Dress and it also sounds dope. Dope dope dope.

On another note, my mom wrote an email to my girlfriend and called her "the bomb diggz" because she's been reading me type that on this blog. Hahaha.

Our dutch friend Garry from the band Exit 31 is in town and we're gonna hang tonight, methinks. Exit 31 is a band from Holland that is recording with our Anthem EP producer, Erwin Musper. For those of you at Kenyon College, the stairwells covered their song "Mother Theresa" a couple years back. Awesome.

Anywho, thats all I've got to tell the blogosphere today, other than Nick P and I saw MuteMath last night and their show was pretty dopetastic. Lots of toys and gadgets, lots of jumping around, ridiculously tight, energetic. Still bad lyrics but a great show. I was front and center for the whole thing and it rocked.

Adios, blogopeeps!


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