Sunday, September 20, 2009

mute math is OK

OK, so. here's the story, bloggerpeeps. I think the band mutemath is OK, so i'm going to write a post about how OK they are. they just released an OK album called "Armistice".

Here's the deal with this OK album. I think from a musical standpoint - the CD is the bomb diggz. I like just about every song melodically, all the performances are great, the lead vocalist's voice is pretty awesome, and the arrangements are not ground-breaking but really good. The thing that makes this album OK is the fact that his lyrics are extreeeeemely shmedium. he finds a way to toss like 50 trite expressions into single choruses. por ejemplo:

Cause the world won't turn
If the sun won't rise
And the stars won't burn
In a broken sky

And the wind won't surf
If the ocean's dry
And my heart won't work
If you say goodbye

If you say goodbye
If you say goodbye
If you say goodbye
My heart's in trouble

Maybe they aren't ALL trite expressions, but the ones that aren't trite are pretty lame. Virtually no lyric on this entire 12 song album is better than average. These lyrics are ALL (to quote my friend Alex Howe) "subawesome".

Upon hearing the second track on the album, "Backfire", I first thought the chorus lyrics were:

There goes another one of our surefire girls
She backfired again

WHICH I thought was pretty awesome and intriguing. What is a surefire girl? I would like to know. But upon closer listening I found he said "surefire plans" which is about as shmedium as shmedium can be.

That being said, if you care nothing about lyrical content and just listen to the tunes of songs, this album is BALLER. OR if you (god forbid) think the lyrics I typed above are moving and original, this is the album for you.

For a song of theirs that IS good lyrically AND musically, check out "You Are Mine" from their first major label album, "MUTEMATH", which is a comparable album to "Armistice" but has a few more stand out songs.

ANYWHO, I think Petricca and I are still gonna see them live on tuesday at Bogarts because I hear they put on one HELLOVA live show. Gonna be sweet.

Good thing you can't really understand any lyrics at Bogarts.


  1. I have never found a reason to like mutemath

  2. hm, I liked mutemath's first album... well, I'm always for pretty sounds. at least it'll make awesome background music, it sounds like! good for when you're driving on the highway with the windows down and yelling over all the noise? :D