Wednesday, September 2, 2009

flip flop in yo teeth!

a few things:

lerangis picked up half a dead bunny with a shovel today while my mom screamed
kids get dead is nearing
WE ARE PLAYING NEWPORT ON THE LEVEE (acoustic) THIS FRIDAY from 5:30 to 8ish inside the galleria
we just extended the chip in thing so you can donate munneys to us so we can keep playing shows and recording new tunes
i beat nick l. in a twitter battle
inglourious basterds is freakin incredible
i got my hair cut


also i randomly found this facebooking:



  1. I wish I knew about Friday sooner! I just traded shifts with someone and won't be able to make it now :( In other news, i got my hair cut today too. haha.

  2. FLIP FLOP IN YO TEETH! And dead bunnies...geesh it doesn't get better than that! You guys rock my face off.