Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gigs, or, Jigs, with Walk the Moon

Hey everyone,

It's Nick el L poasting some stuff at you all. We had a really great gig in Columbus at Oldfields on High St., mainly because some dope-ass fools came from all over. We had a Dayton contingent, a Lee Schott contingent, more OWU people, some extra Nicks, and people I had never met, but have met now.

I'm at my old house in the Mt. Auburn/Corryville area of Cincinnati, eating some rice with sauteed garlic, onions, and bananas for breakfast. I'm cut from working at the zoo today, so I am looking at a day of Getting Things Figured Out.

This weekend, I got the Tao of Pooh into the hands of many young folks at Kenyon College, and now my copy is in Someone's Car (I believe Diana's). I recommend it for EVERYONE, especially those of you who I know to be true Bisy Backsons.

I spent much of the night singing this nice little line in my head, and I'm convinced it's from Veckatimest, so I'm listening to the whole album now to find it.

ALSO holler at Neko Case for her 2 GRAMMY NOMINATIONS (for Middle Cyclone as Best Contemporary Folk Album, and for best packaging/art)



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