Sunday, December 13, 2009

we heart you, indianapolis

we had a wonderful time with some wonderful pimps in Indianapolis last night. played at the Earth House, a re-everythinged-old-church-turned-coffee-establishment-radass-venue. the moody, wallflowers-esque Adrian Kolbo preceeded us and was really refreshingly good. there was a bit of a mishap with Nick L getting to Indy, so we stalled as long as we could; finally he joined us for the last couple songs, including our special Christmas number which we plan to post on youtube =) ....

...but not before this photo was taken!

anyhow check out the Earth House Collective, a rad non-profit organization based in Indy. it was great to meet all of you fine people - hope to be back soon! and a special thanks to our new promoter KGC and to Gavin, the big man.

love and poodles. happy december 13th!

Nick P

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  1. a mishap? more like a job.
    shakespeare got to get paid, son.