Monday, December 7, 2009

holy effing poop!! holy effing effing poop!

ok so i was watching the news the other night con mi familia when they started talking about some orangutan who takes awesome photos. in actuality he just knows that when he presses the button he gets some awesome tasty fruit. big effin deal.

this elephant draws self-mothereffing-portraits.

does no one else think this is FREAKIN ABSURRRD??"?!SEOIWF

google "elephant self portrait" and you'll see a bunch of elephant self-portraits. elephants draw self-portraits did you know that?

so there is skepticism on the issue, naturally, as to whether this is a hoax, etc. etc. etc. according to the debunker of debunkers, it is -not-. apparently they trained the elephants to do this stuff... even still they're painting better than most humans i know can paint. holy poop poops.

there is also research going on that suggests elephants may also have DIALECTS. a language of their own that is below the range of human hearing. uh.

anyway. elephants are menace. 'menace' is like 'fetch'. oh, it'll catch on.


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  1. haha, when i was in thailand a couple years ago, we went to a show where a bunch of elephants painted. one of them even wrote out "i love mom" in thai, which, if you've ever seen thai script, is pretty fucking hard to do.