Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Part 1: Mom's Bird Shack? or, the Odyssey, or "how?": of a translation quiz in seven parts.

Ok fokes, this blog poast is a long thyme coming.
It's about something cool.

Which means that it's about Adam and my ride from Chin-chin-nangti, Ohio, to New Jork City, New Jork.  It was a while ago, en route to our hornswoggling sho at r-Lean's Grocery.  By the way, my bank thinks that my $28 bar tab at Arlene's was a "grocery" expense.  HAHAHA.  
So, Adam and I arose really early on Frydee the 6th and got in my new old gold nissan and Headed North.  

North, we found a young woman named Jezziguh Con.  She took us on a trip to find grub at this mediterranean place where we had heat mummus, which is this ancient Cyprian recipe for mashed chickpea and lamb.  I had a delicious thing, and so did Adam.  At any rate, we headed East from North once we were able to tear ourselves from the enticing cave of the ancient witch -mistress, Jezziguh.  

It took a really long time going East because we had to ride through the devilish pus-bogs of Penn's Forest, where Adam exclaimed "oh my god, this is epic as F**q."  While riding our coach through the Forest it came time to sup.

We decided to stop at the most "local" place we could find.  No Subway, no McDonalds, no Friendly's, not even a Quaker Steak and Lube.  On the way to camp, Maxwell died of the typhus. Finally we halted our train at the homestead of Danville.  We looped in on the exit ramp and saw a glowing beacon dangling from the side of an advertizing tower that had obviously not been fixed or re-thought since about 1951.   The beacon glowed "MOM'S DUTCH KITCHEN," not to be comfused with "Dutch Pantry" which is a hated chain, rather than a fresh, hard-working, Joe-the-Plumber, family-owned-and-oriented American food place.  

We thought it was closed at first because unlike many chains, it didn't have bright lanterns in the windows, or a loud town crier standing outside shouting its virtues.  We thought it would be a wonderful place to take our evening sustenance.  We sat down and the lovely, plump, stewardess took our order: one appetizer sampler and one beef burger.  The food was delicious, and full of nutrition.  We finished our grub and headed on our merry way.

Well,  That's all for part one.

BONUS POINTS:  translate this piece in its entirety, to correct English, 1 point.  translate it in2 what I actually meant, 2 points.

hey, everyone!

Nick Lerangis

we're in the studio puttin some traxxxxxxxxx down.


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