Monday, October 26, 2009

New songs

SO there are a handful of people in Gambier, Columbus, and Dayton who have heard these but we have two brand new songs which we are VERY excited about. They are called

I Can Lift a Car
Quesadilla (working title)

The latter has nothing to do with mexican food, but we don't know what to call it.
And since I don't really have anything else to say in this post, enjoy this:


  1. I spell bad.
    awwwww, a kitty. 'I can lift a car" sounds AWESOME!!!! :D any chance the lyrics could be posted? for the out-of-town blog readers? :)

  2. I have a video of one of these two songs (not sure which one though) from the VI show. Lemme know if you want it.

  3. SWEET! why don't you post it on youtube so everybody can hear it and be in awe, shock, etc.? :D