Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nick P on Nick L, briefly

before I say anything at all, go to

if you did not already know, each of the members of WTM are songwriters... today I wanted to give some love to our guitarist Nick L. I visited his site today for the first time in awhile and found myself just... listening... for about a half an hour.

think... new orleans/beyonce/saloons/oscar the grouch/nina simone/white male folk guitarists/black female soul singers/bullies on playgrounds/nerds in english class/and central park in 1930.

my favorite is "convicted"

Nick P


  1. oscar the grouch is no longer allowed to live in a trashcan, what are you thinking posting a picture of him in a trash can?!?! you're encouraging children to be hobos!!

    and yeah, Nick's music is AWESOME :D

  2. oh p.s. my favorite is prison guard.