Friday, October 2, 2009

Returning from the Cig Bity

Hey everyone,

I'm coming back to OH tomorrow! Gonna record guitarz and maybe step on over to Kenyon for a little dependin' on the band's schedule. I am going from the depressing New York fall weather to the beautiful Ohio fall, only to see it turn a good old fashioned monochromatic Ohio winter.

If anyone would like to get together and moan and tear their hair and lie around on the ground waiting for despair to swallow us whole, please let's do.

In other news, I am getting acquainted with a wonderful group called the New York Songwriters Circle ( and I went to their Folk Noise Showcase at Think Coffee today and saw a bunch of really killer songwriters, the killer-est of whom was Caleb Hawley, who absolutely blew my mind. Go to his myspace and get a little sugar, because it's abundant and he can really cut.

so, yeah, anyone else excited for a winter of crushing depression and ennui?


P.S. a big aww shucks to the below. Thanks Nick P.

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