Sunday, October 4, 2009

raccoon-dogs, super mario, and dayton, OH


Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki.

wtf is Tanuki?

Tanuki (狸 or タヌキ), if you were not aware, is the name of the Japanese raccoon-dog prevalent in J. folklore and legend, often associated with mischief and shapeshifting. You may be more familiar with this delightful image from the early 1990's:

I had no idea why the f&%^ Mario could fly and/or morph into a stone statue whenever he put on a furry raccoon suit, but, after some research, now I know. And so do you.

And here is Super Mario, as he is want to do, terrorizing some Japanese wayfarers with his enormous scrotum.


ahem, I'm back. sorry had to go scrub my eyes with a soapy toothbrush.

so anyway we're playing in Dayton on the 24th with our talented and attractive friend Kelly Fine and this sweet fusion band called, of course, "Tanuki".

below: Kelly Fine, not bearing her scrotum.

in the meantime, lend an eye to our show dates, we're playing OH like it's hot. we'll be in the Cincinnati area this friday at the Madison @ 9pm.

Nick P

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  1. oh, so you learned about the infamous tanuki. I didn't know the raccoon suit in Mario was supposed to be a tanuki though. the world is full of surprises. :)