Monday, January 19, 2009

Czar Nicholas the Second reporting from snowy Gambier, OH.

Hello Blogosphere!

This is Nick Lerangis. I'm the new Nick in the band, and I play guitar. It's been a wondrous and difficult audition process but I'm delighted to be in Walk the Moon.

I'd love to tell you about the audition process but I'd have to kill you if I did, and since the hit count of this Blogger Blog is so staggering, I don't want to have to hunt all of you down. But I digress.

Let's start here: 5:35 AM, Monday December 22nd.

After staying up rather late the night before and consuming large quantities of fruit juice and chocolate milk, Adrian woke me from a deep slumber at 5:35 for our epic drive from Adam's house in the Nasty 'Natti to our hometown, the N Y dirty C (that's from Cincinatti, Ohio to New York, New York, if my ghetto vernacular confused anyone). The drive loomed before us: thirteen hours, two iPods, two not-yet-members of the band, and two measly degrees Farenheit. We gritted our teeth, herbal tea and whole-grain toast from the night before still sloshing in our bellies, and hit the road.

I woke up at about 8 or 9, and looked lovingly at Adrian, whose cherubic face filled the driver-side window like the sun fills the portcullis on an ocean liner, and smiled. It had been a good nap. I don't really remember if we had decided that he would drive, or if I had just fallen asleep again in the passenger seat before we began to drive. At any rate, we were flying up rt. 71 to Akron, making gorgeous time and listening to gorgeous music. Our first choice was Bon Iver's For Emma, Forever Ago. Both of us had recently discovered the album--I know, blogosphere, we were way behind the curve--and we sang along, looping and weaving through Justin Vernon's falsetto harmonies as we broke a state law or two getting to Akron by ten o'clock or so.

At lunchtime, we were on I-80 through some Pennsylvanian snowbound town or another, and saw a sign for Wendy's. We decided that that was where the beef was, so we pulled off the road and followed signs. After passing a few fast-food places and a gas station, we ended up on a country road through the woods. This road was rather heavily trafficked, and finally the traffic developed into a long stoppage, which we waited in for nigh twenty minutes, miles away from the highway and hungry as hell. We had decided that there couldn't possibly be a Wendy's out here in the barrens of Western Pennsylvania, but as we made our way up the line, lo!
A Wendy's appeared out of the mist. It was frickin' delicious.

Full of exotic delights and artisan foods, we hit the road again, this time to Radiohead's In Rainbows, as I drove and Adrian fell asleep. Thanks to some high-tech bee pollen energy pills that I got at a Mobil before we left, I didn't run Adrian's Jeep off the road. In fact, I ran it on the road--I even stayed in my lane most of the time and signaled when I passed people. See, Dad, I'm a great driver. I promise!
But I digress.

We made it to New York in high style and fine time, just in time to have dinner with our families.
Three days later, on Christmas day, Nick P. and Adam called Adrian and me and invited us to be the new half of Walk the Moon! I hadn't asked for a single gift from my family so that if I were to get into the band, I'd be able to go get some new gear. This worked out well, and the next day I went and bought (with the help of my Mommy and Daddy) a new Fender Stratocaster in Montego Black with a gold pickguard, and a purple Marshall VintageModern 2266C amp.

I've been practicing and working on sounds with this new combination, and I'm stoked to be a new piece of the puzzle for what I hope will be a huge year for us. Bring on 2009.

Watch in the next few weeks for a video blog from all of us.


Nick L.

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