Thursday, March 11, 2010

hanging on to the edge of the ship careening across the atlantic, getting barnacles under our fingernails

dear you,

this blog has been neglected and we don't like that. nor do you, we imagine. as invisible as we may have seemed according to this page we promise lots is going on.... if you don't believe, give a looksee to our myspace... though Sunday March 14th at the Mad Hatter in Covington is likely to be the last show of ours in March, April looks to become a 10+ show month with happy extra in-betweens.

please do check back soon, as we continue to inform you of our recent lunatic voyage to the outer Spacement in Athens, the unusual faces you may be noticing onstage with us at performances, and of course our odd confessions, confusions, and contemplations that are want to divulge themselves here for the universe and you and often do.

in the meantime (which unfortunately is tax-time), live the mantra! the mantra!

love always,


  1. YAY! can't wait to get to a show again, and glad to hear there's lots going on! WOOT!