Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blueshort on the Debbie and AIM is so 2001.

baby shark doot doot, doot doot

WALK is playing a free show this Friday at Newport on the Levee, next to the beautiful view of the Ohio River and all the sharks in their tanks in the Aquarium nextdoor. 6-10pm, and inside if it rains, but it won't, damnit.

papa shark doot doot, doot doot

did you know "Ohio" came from the Native American term "Oyo" meaning "beautiful river"?

mama shark doot doot, doot doot

also, speaking of sharks, i've been startling my facebook friends recently with a little present. emoticons ;) =) %) are a thing of the past. type " (^^^) " next time you are facebook chatting (AIM is so 2001) and you will see!



  1. and the show was AWESOOOME!!!

    haha, well, despite the fact that 'Ohio' literally means "good morning" in Japanese, I somehow had an inkling that that was not taken into consideration when naming the state. :)