Sunday, July 18, 2010

UNISEX TOUR log I: Buster's, Charm City, and Lois Lane

i am almost Lois Lane.

thank you for checking up on us.... we're on day 3 of Unisex Tour and hanging out in the heat at our friend Baby A's house in Chevy Chase, MD (air conditioning is busted...). after rehearsing for a few days with drummer Seanny (Columbus' the Illusion), bassist Brad (Cinci's Charlie Hustle), and WALK newbie and guitarist Mikey (met him on tour in South Bend), we left Friday for Lexington in Seanny's white Ninja Turtles van. thanks to the sexy Dolores (our GPS) we made it safely to Buster's, giant warehouse venue in Lex. there we played with an incredible funk band fronted by Lurch from the Addam's Family. as white as the day is long, the lead singer was nearly 7ft tall and sang like Barry White. however perhaps the most notable detail you need consider about Buster's is the wind. it took me a minute before i acknowledged that the air conditioning inside the warehouse was nothing short of turbulent. it was another moment before i realized spinning sinisterly below the sprawling ceiling was the source: a titanic fan, at least 30ft in diameter. after i reconnected the lower part of my jaw i delighted in pointing out the Big-Ass Fan to others throughout the night and watching them reconnect the lower parts of their jaws. i have actually just been informed by Seanny that the company who makes these is called "Big-Ass Fans". ...

we left our friend's house in the morning and began the 10hr drive to Baltimore. the drive through West Virginia and Pennsylvania was gorgeous and made quick enough by Herbie Hancock, Amazing Baby, even At the Drive In..?, Miles Davis, and the wonderful most wonderful game ever in the world Contact. if you aren't aware of this mind-reading word-game, the love is spreading all over the world and will find you soon enough.

Charm City Art Space, the Baltimore venue, was a garage-turned-hipster-artsy-venue. our promoter friend there, Scott, was a big red viking and very kind... he accommodated us and squeezed us onto his video-game-band bill. yes every band that played were video game cover bands, and how! unfortunately the space was so hot, SOO hot, that we sweated nearly to the point of collapse. by the last chorus of Anna Sun i believed i was going to bite it Lois Lane style and fall over into Mikey's guitar rig. thankfully the night was faint-free and we ended the night relaxing with friends at the Tastee Diner in Bethesda.

we are now leaving Baby A's abode and are off on the easy 4hr stint up highway 95. our show in NYC is at the Highline Ballroom in the West Village, 8pm sharp. love and poodles and panda bears. hope to see you there =)


  1. good luck!!! :D

    haha, if you follow 95 south instead of north, in about 12 hours you'll reach Savannah. glad there was no fainting at the show!!!

  2. hmm you may be right. but loudtude is the beacon of ROCK.

    haha and thanks lauren! still got to call you back =)