Monday, August 30, 2010

DETAILS for ANNA SUN VIDEO SHOOT this Tuesday 8/31 @ 6:00PM at the MOCKBEE 2260 Central Pkwy

I’m coming to the shoot! What do I wear?

In the video there will be THREE ROOMS with specific costumes for each. We’ve assigned each of you to a room. BRING what you can for your room, and if you don’t have what we’re asking for, bring something that fits another room or please CALL US 513.317.1759. **and see IMPORTANT NOTES at bottom**
Below are costume suggestions for each room, and below that are your room assignments.

Room #1 (Moulin Rouge-ish theme)
examples: feather boas, masks, glittery apparel, tights, Halloween miscellaneous, eye patches, top hats, button-up shirts, suit-tie apparel, vests, colored makeup, face paint, red lipstick, fake eyelashes, corsets, canes, mustaches, dresses, tutus, heels, feathers in hair, big curls in hair, slicked back hair, buns. we also need STUFFED ANIMALS for a stuffed animal bar in this room.

Room #2 (Social Room)
Black and White clothes – dressy, casual, whatever – just ALL white and black/dark clothes. It can be t-shirts (no graphics please), dark/black jeans, dresses, button-up shirts, hats, purses, jewelry, shoes, etc. Anything that is black & white. If you have red lipstick please bring but wait to apply.

Room #3 (Rave Room)
Think RAVE. This room will be dimly lit with black lights. **Everyone should try to bring a LIGHTER – we will be using sparklers in this scene with each take** Costuming includes neon shirts/apparel/items, glow sticks, sequin items, fluorescent tape, glittery/sparkly items/clothes, or anything that would look sweet under a black-light. Any props/costuming that may be suitable for this room are welcomed!

IF you don’t see your name below, just pick a room! or CALL US 513.317.1759.

Room Assignments:
Room #1 – Sarah Mills, Katie Wood, Brad Leeds, Dani Craig, Lux Aubergine, Kent Thalman, Jessica Cornetet, Sammie Matson, Brett Opitz, Paul Fannin, Miranda Goley, Mike Heffron, Missy Lyons, Abby Plageman, Sarah Gravely, Arielle Goldberg, Allison Ventura, Carlos Murguia & Family, Gabbia Lanza, Josie Dempsey, Lynda Gerrety, Chris Groh, Lilia Walsh, Jennifer Roehm, Emma Sartini

Room #2 – Tyler Kottman, Brad Gibson, Sean Waugaman, Laura Wahler, Ben Weiner, Blythe Bartel, Katie Grace Carlson, Michael Frank, Ginny Swale, Brett Fields, Kendall Sunderhaus, Arianne Villareal, Lora Garcia, Grace Bertsch, Sarah Cunningham, Andrew Min Rogers, Emily Butterfield, Hanna Lutz, Meghan Cronin, Rohit Sudarshan, Maggie Gray, Chris Robinson, Keith Burke, Natalie Palmer, Mark Berwanger, Megan Kendall, Izzi Krombolz, Allison Muennich, Tim Hein

Room #3 –Alex Sunderhaus, Will Schultz, Keith Burke, Jessica Milavec, Ian Forsgren, Ryan Mullins, Kelly Anderson, Ben Scott, Joe Bredestege, Michelle Von Hirschberg, Maria Cecile, Maggie Ledbetter, John Vaughn Handelsman, Ben Lapps, Amy Mirlisena, Jaynell Booth, Ben Stevens, Erica Rehage, Anney Kincaid Castetter, Rachel Rawe, Samantha Brockman, Sarah Helsinger, Michael Burke, Colin Cooper


THERE WILL be a video-release form to sign when you enter. It just says you give us the right to feature you in our video, and you won’t sue us. =) IF YOU ARE UNDER 18, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR PARENT/GUARDIAN SIGN THE FORM. Find and print it at this link:

IMPORTANT!! Bring a drink and a light snack with you. There will be some food provided, but you WILL want more to sustain you!IF you’re bringing friends and they are not listed above, refer them to this message and have them bring whatever you’re bringing.

LATECOMERS ARRIVING PAST 7:30, feel-free to enter but stay in the check-in area until you are invited into the filming area.

PLEASE LABEL whatever you bring with your last name so we can return it to you if it’s left behind!

And…HAPPY EXTRAS – if you want to make our day, try and bring any of these items with you:
Bag of chips, 2-liters of pop, cookies, solo-cups/paper plates, napkins, extension chords, box/house fans, lamps, lighters, glow sticks, anything in your Halloween box, crack-cocaine, clamp lights, facepaint, makeup, stuffed animals.

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