Friday, June 17, 2011

to be continued...

writing to thank you for coming here to see what we have to say. some of you have been following along for such a long time and we <3 you dearly for it.

we would like to return to regular blogging one day soon, but until such time you can find our daily updates & schedule of shows on, facebook, and twitter.

see you out in the world.


hello surfers,


  1. Come back to Ohio, please~! We miss you here!

  2. i love you guys! you are in my top 3 favorite indie bands(i don't have a top 1 or 2) it is walk the moon, young the giant, and two door cinema club. i live in chicago and you guys are coming to the riviera theatre on february 23. my friend michelle and i are going to buy the tickets online tomorrow night. we both love you and can't wait to have the tickets in hand! you guys should be as famous as lady gaga (along with my other top 2). dont stop your wonderful music!
    love, garnet.
    p.s. i cant wait for your next music video, your fist one was so awesome. your proffesor is so lucky to have a song written after her! anna sun!