Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Jenny's Got a body like a WHAT!?!

So today was an eventful day of rehearsal and experimentation. We essentially finished the band arrangement of a song temporarily called "When My Baby is a Mess" which comes from an old song by the band The Expert featuring the two nicks way back when. The song is totally different, but if you'd like you can hear the old track called "Shameless Ways" at The Expert's music page.

This is from an Expert show like 2 years ago.

Anywho, today we also took "Jenny's Got a..." and completely tore it apart, started something really new and rawer than the old version. We all had a borderline spiritual experience when the song started coming together. You gotta hear this shit.

We have lots more to do to be ready to record in LA soon, but things are happening.


Never trust anyone named Nick.

1 comment:

  1. WAAAAAHAHAHAHAAGH THE EXPERT. GEEKGASM. yes i love shameless ways! mixo will always be my favorite though, i suspect. aawww, younger nick-types. how cute! :)

    can't wait to hear the new jenny!!!