Sunday, May 31, 2009

New Demos Up

Hey! This weekend was Kenyon College reunions/Chasers (thats the a cappella group that Adrian NickP and I were/are in) reunions and we played a fun show at the VI on Kenyon's campus for a bunch of drunk alumni. Class of '89 women - if you're reading this, we love you.

We debuted 2 new songs - "When My Baby is a Mess" and "Anna Sun" as well as the brand new version of Jenny's Got a... which we LOVE.

I'm not sure how to post audio files on the blog just yet, but until then you can check and hear a Lo Fi demo version of "Anna Sun" and of "Set the TV on Fire" which hopefully will help tide everyone over until we record the new album soon. Both were recorded with one mic in our rehearsal space in Nick's basement, so the quality leaves something to be desired.

Hopefully we'll see some pics appear from this weekend and we'll post them up here soon.

Keep listening and keep spreading the word about W/M!

and the boyz

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