Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hey Folks,

Nick Lerangis here just maxin' and relaxin. I wanted to share our upcoming planz with you all--we're going into the studio on Friday and later next week to track our new EP, called "I Want! I Want!" after this absolutely illin' William Blake print from back in the day. Then we're leaving to NYC again! This time we're playing Arlene's Grocery, just around the corner from the Annex! Hopefully we'll bring as many people as we brought to the Annex.

So, how are you? I'm great. Life is fun, I just charged my iPod shuffle for the first time in a year and i'm excited to use it. I'm trying to book us some shows for mid-late August, because we won a spot to do an in-store show at the Gap in Easton town center on August 20th!!! heeeeyyo. If anyone's got ideas for Columbus booking for late August, email theboys@walkthemoononline.com



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