Wednesday, July 15, 2009

the Nicks posting from NYC

yes yes yes!

petricca here. to my right is an unbelievable view of the Hudson River and the New Jersey beyond it. to my left is a very trendy spinning machine. the boys and i just finished our Chinese take-out and are recovering on a comfy couch in the apartment of Adrian's aunt. his aunt and his mom are identical twins, so i keep losing track of which is which.

this morning we tossed a frobozz around Central Park while we scoped out a spot for Saturday's picnic... around noon we're going to bring some guitars and friends and play until the cops kick us out. but in a minute we're off to the Annex, where we'll play our very first show in NYC. i'm dripping with glee. really, tho. i need to take a shower now.

I'm up slugger. No, really. I'm Up Slugger, the famous man from Kayak, New Jersey.

But seriously, folks. This is Nick Lerangis, here blogging it up for y'all. Hey, there. We've got a big show in a few hours, and what's more, the American League beat the National league for the 13th straight time last night. I'm quite disappointed, because I love the National League.

Get ready for some giggage.


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