Saturday, July 4, 2009

I was boogie-ing in the front of the Danceteria crowd in an orange t-shirt, you were wearing a patterned dress and you were jumping around behind me.

The last two days have been wonderful. Wonderful. On Thursday we played at the Madison Theater and it was incredible--I've never played somewhere like that but it was amazing and fun and big and loud. We played in a lineup that featured some tight bands who were all really nice to us. The guys from The London were really friendly:, and Watson Park were as well. They gave us a free CD! At any rate, the show was incredibly fun, and Brooke, Jess, Hilary, Emily, Chunk, Greg Hart aka Dagmar, Joe, Patti, Alex Howe, Snoop-a-loop, Chunk's family, and more people who I'm forgetting to mention came out and saw us. Awesome!

Last night, we played in the finals of the Dirty Dozen Band Challenge at the Mad Frog, and we played at 1 AM, the lamest spot ever, and we had a bit of a disheartening turnout (thanks to CeCe, John, Brooke, Hilary, Jess, Kayleigh, and whoever else I'm forgetting), but we PLACED SECOND and won two songs at a local studio! Watch out for a single release coming out sometime next month!!!

Today, Nick P. and I woke up early to go to it's the 4th of july.. must go play.


  1. WHEEE EXCITEMENT!!!!!!!!!! yeah, I'm sorry I was in Indianapolis... guess that was a bad time. but STILL. SINGLES!!!!!! man I'm excited!!! :D

  2. it was a good weekend, and i hope it'll happen again soon!