Thursday, July 23, 2009

L.D.Rasmussen, Animation, and Comic Strips

Yo! I just wanted to give a mondo cool shoutout to our mondo cool friend and main artist for Walk the Moon. Lauren has done all the artwork since we were called Wicked in the Mix and does a lot of cool things.

In other news, Adrian has been loving bacon...for quite some time.
As have I.

Back to the crux of the matta. Above is a comic lauren drew for fun based on the song "Man on the Moon" by Walk the Moon, and the Anthem EP cover.

Here is a sweet moon man animation she made for us.

She has also taken a bunch of videos of us live that are up on youtube.

Lauren does character design, 2D animation (drawn or flash), storyboards, concept art, comics, caricatures/portraits, and graphic design and she's the bomb diggs at all of it. If you want to find out more about her stuff you can go here:

or email her at

Thanks Lauren for all your hard work!

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