Friday, August 14, 2009

Acoustic opening for Ryan Cabrera

Yo. Im babysitting tonight, and I'm chillin with Marcus and Brian listening to tunes. The show was surprisingly sweet - met some cool peeps, gave out some CDs, listened to some good bands, especially Clayton Senne. Unfortunately I had to bone out before Cabrera took the stage but I know the Nicks will report about it soon.

I realized tonight that I haven't posted our setlist from a show in a looong time so tonight's set list was....

Red Lite, or Theme and Variations on a Dance Floor
The Damn is About 2 Brake
Stone Cold Focks
Blew Dress
Anna Son
The Liftaweigh

We'll post some pics up as soon as we got 'em.

Adios, amigos

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  1. WOOHOO jumpsuit! can't wait til the next newport show! :)