Tuesday, August 25, 2009

In the studio.

Ello there! Adam here. Reporting to you direct from Shepherd's Pie Studio with Nick P. and Chris, our engineer.

We're currently listening to "Jenny was a friend of mine" off the Killers' first album, Hot Fuss, to get some sonic ideas for Anna Sun, which is nearing completion.

Hey, if you guys aren't aware yet, we're sending out free songs of ours if you message us on myspace.com/walkthemoonband and tell us which song you want and your email address. if you don't have myspace you can send us an email request to freesong.walkthemoon@gmail.com.

Also, im getting pumped for Kids Go to Woods...Kids Get Dead on sept. 10th. spread the word, its gonna be awesome.

Finally, this thing is the best thing ever. I may have posted this before but it deserves another one.



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