Monday, August 17, 2009

our night w/ryan ::sparklesparkle::

as adam said, we're due to report on the ryan cabrera experience....

the most important thing i can say is that his hair did not flinch the entire night, not a follicle. it was so resilient, so steadfast, so silent and calm. also his shoes were shiny enough as to be visible from orbit.

in any case, cabrera is no joke a really talented guitarist. i was really impressed, and once i forgot about the whole ashlee simpson thing i was just excited to hear what he would play next. in between his crispy, breathy Howie-Day-meets-LFO singsongs he'd throw in a musical shout-out to Stevie Wonder or Michael Jackson (R.I.P.). our favorite part by far was his rendition of "You Can Call Me Al" by PAUL SIMON! yes he actually did that. if you don't know that song..... well. here's a moderately funny, largely unremarkable music video with Paul and Chevy Chase.

throughout the night we had become friends with his merch guy, Steve, and Clayton Senne, his touring opener (, and we joined them for drinks at Mainstay down on 5th and Plum. i didn't talk much with Ryan, but as we left, Nick L and he shared a very boisterous hug, so maybe you should twit him about it ;).

anyway, adrian's back in town soon, and we've got our acoustic show at the Northside Tavern tomorrow night with Molly the bear. see you around....

Nick P

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