Sunday, August 23, 2009


's happnin, blogosphere?

nick p at your service, internetting as one is want to do.

had a wonderful time at Newport/Levee today, made some new friends! among them, Sarah and Kate! these two chose us over penguins, and that made us very happy. mostly because i don't think i would even choose us over penguins.

(you see, we played next to an aquarium)

we also made some friends at our Northside Tavern gig, including Tim, Tim, and Brandon... while facebook chatting (oh yes, definitely) i discovered Brandon is a WORKING ACTOR at age 22 and "20Something" goes up in Dayton, OH in September. check out the encore theater company.

that's Brandon, second from the right.

RECORDING UPDATE: we are nearly finished with Anna Sun and Blue Dress Song and are moving on to complete I Want! I Want!, The Liftaway, and a new version of Red Light which no one has really heard yet. we hope to have the i want! i want! EP ready to cast into the music ocean in a couple weeks.

well i have a sunburn shaped like a big fat wife-beater "U" on my chest and i'm going to go rub Noxzema all over myself. sexy, i know.

nick p

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