Saturday, August 8, 2009

Greetings from the Past


This is Nicholas James deVaron Lerangis writing to you from the past. That's right. The Past. I'm there. I'm not in the present, I'm in The Past. I ate a tangerine and had a bowl of Cheerios in the past, and I'm working on a glass of water here in The Past. I'm listening to Charles Mingus presents Charles Mingus and mulling over life possibilities. I'm looking at craigslist jobs, and feeling like applying for a nanny position near Columbus Circle, but it's all a little meaningless, seeing as this is The Past. What are you doing in The Present? I wonder what I'll be doing in The Present. I might be listening to other music, chilling at the Petriccas' empty house, or maybe writing some music. Who knows?

At any rate, I've been digging a lot of new and old cool music, namely Dirty Projectors' new album, Bitte Orca, Van Morrison's album Common One, the best of Lord Kitchener, and a band called Coal Mine Fires. Look 'em up.

so yeah,
I miss you guys.
It's been far too long.
I hope you like my p0st,
and I encourage you to read
the next time we post a post on
this blog. I hope you listen to our
music, too. That's the main reason we
post on this thing anyway. We have a new EP
coming out this schoolyear--did you know that?
well, at any rate, The Past is really cool, and it was/is
a great place to be. I'll be in The Present for the rest of the day,
I believe.



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